Monday, December 22, 2008

Another miracle..

Yes Ladies....
God always shows Himself when we least expect "mighty is our God" is right! Okay here's another angel...mike went to Krogar and went to self serve. He never does that. Opened a brand new bag for his items and inside was $120! He has shown me every blessing this week..I don't deserve it but He loves me so much that sometimes its hard to believe the Love He gives us. All Jesus wants is for us to love Him isn't hard is it. He gives us what we need and then when we show obedience He gives us our hearts desires. Praise God! I love you all! Merry Christmas and may the Lord give us all a new year filled with hope and love for each other and of course the Son Himself, Jesus Christ...
love Donna

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


RIGHT NOW I AM SO BLESSED!! I had a call last week,well Sunday night. An angel and I do mean an angel..called me and said,"The Lord told my family and I to help a needy family this Christmas season..we found your name through another person...I want to take you out and help you shop for your family, whether it is groceries or gifts" Praise God!! is all I could say. So we hooked up last night and had dinner and a great time to say the least. Now heres the best thing, this wonderful family sold their home and used their money from the sale as a tithe towards the needy! She was obediant, listened to the Lord's still small voice and now she is blessing others!

She not only took me shopping but now my girls can have a birthday as well as a great Christmas Day!! God is so good. My daily journal today was all about making Him first priority instead of making everything else our first priority. We wonder why we seem distant when we don't make Him first. All I can say is Jesus is on my task for being first, not shopping, not my art, not my job...Jesus is my Love, and I hope during this season He is yours too.

By the way we just didn't get a few gifts we got everything that we wanted and more..He is so good!!

Love Donna

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obstacles..always seem to pop around Christmas!?

Yes obstacles seem to come in so many ways, and doesn't it seem like they are only more intense around the Holidays? Yet...Satan has been defeated at the cross and I am living proof of the Lord miraculous grace and mercy! I and all of us have come short of the glory of God, yet His grace is free and I wish for this season that people would just give their hearts over to the Lord for that FREE Grace!

Satan in the last couple of weeks has tried over and over to put lies in my head, so many that I started to believe them..for less than a split second! Now instead of giving Satan any time or space in my head, I tell Jesus that I am taking every thought captive and through words of wisdom from my Father, I said, out loud to the enemy: "Satan you are not going to steal my joy, so stop harassing me and Mike"

God you are so good, thank you for sending your Son to this world that we celebrate at this time. Thank you for cleansing me of the gargage in my life! Thank you for the miracle that I had yesterday (a fabulous story for next time!), you heard my prayer and instantly you answered me. Father you can do anything and it is just our trust that makes us obediant towards You.

The Lord said to me: "Make me the focal point of your search for security. In your private thoughts, you are still trying to order your world so that it is predictable and it feels safe. Its an impossible goal and counterproductive to spiritual growth. When your world feels unsteady grip my hand, you'll live in conscious dependence on Me!


Love Donna

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Was your Thanksgiving really thankful?!

Again..forgive me for not being deligent on this blog. I feel like I have been just surviving week to week. Yet, that is what the enemy wants me to feel and again I am taking each word captive..Praise God!

I have another Blog also so that I can try and sell my art work. It is ....I haven't finished it, I actually just started it, but I want to try and put as much as I can on it. It is so hard when you don't have the resources to sell your items, it is really word of mouth and God willing you who read this are my word of mouth.

So how are all of you precious ladies? Was everyone thankful for what God gave us this year? I remember praying with my family that day and I was determined not to be miserable and to be thankful and to remember that every single thing that we have is from the all know my husband and how he feels he has been "robbed" of his health and living...well he did find things to be thankful for but it was hard. God is so good and we just don't look at it that way enough times. I am always saying that I know I am at my job for a reason and I know the blessing is right around the corner. The Lord has led me to write every day in my journal for things that only He knows that is happening with my life...I write and then, only through the Lord, I open the Bible and WOW he proclaims His grace and mercy through the word...everything I write about is revealed through the scriptures, it is totally amazing. Yet I shouldn't be because when I was going through a divorce the Lord revealed Himself each day the very same way and I could not have gone through what I did without the word or Him..He is my Father, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace and King of Kings....

I do have to reveal to you what He gave me tonight. Psalm in the Lord and do good; dwell in the Land and feed on His faithfulness. Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall GIVE YOU the Desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord. Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to in the Lord and wait paitently for Him. DO NOT FRET because of him who prospers in his way...cease from anger and forsake wrath; Do not fret-it onlu causes harm!......Amen!

This is my life, always jealous of this thing or that one. Even though I tell my husband its wrong to be angry because others have what we don't ..I secretly harbor the same thing! I need to constantly remind myself to trust, committ my ways, rest in Him, be patient for His answer, and dwell in His land and feed and believe...FEED ON HIS FAITHFULNESS!! That is my desire...I really believe the Lord revealed that I need His peace to accomplish the purpose that He has for my life. I have tried shortcuts and when I've done that I notice the Lord leaves me at that point to figure it out on my own and to notice that without His peace we can't move on. I need to focus, stay in peace and dwell in His land. Then my needs will be met because the Lord is then in charge and I am walking with Him hand in hand! I know He never ever leaves us, I just believe He says, "Go ahead figure it out..but if you wait for me I will give you far better blessings than you can ever imagine"

Well I don't know if you have ever thought like that or if you're going through what I often go through...wherever you are today, rest in His peace, thank Him for waking you this morning, and then you will feel like you are truly His daughter...

I love you all

Friday, November 7, 2008

Worship Me in the beauty of holiness..

I want to thank all of you that has given me words of love and thank you Debrah for being felt to go onto my blog! This has been the first time I've been able to post...incredible! my life is so upside down..yet with all of you praying I have seen such a small change in Mike! He has his moments but Praise God last week he went to counseling with me and is going to start going alone! God answers in His time not ours but when we all pray together He hears us and honors our prayers!

I had to label this posting what my devotion said.."Worship Me"...that is all God wants. He is working His ways in me every day..the divine Artist (ironic huh?) creating loveliness within my being..He wants to clear out debris and clutter making room for His spirit to take full possession. We need to collaborate with Him in His effort by being willing to let go of anything He chooses to take away. He knows what we need and He promises to provide all of it..ABUNDANTLY!

You and I need not to rest in our possessions or in things not going our way. He is training me to depend on Him alone, finding fulfillment in His presence. This entails being satisfied with much or with little, accepting either as His will for the moment. Instead of grasping and controlling, you and I are learning to release and receive. Cultivate this by trusting Him in every situation!! Praise Psalm 29:2 and Psalm 27:4

I love Jesus so much and I have to worship Him in the beauty of His Holiness!

Keep writing even though I am a crazed woman running ;)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My best painting ever!!


My paintings

This is a recreation of a painting done by Edward Hopper in the 1930's..I did sell this one :)
Love ya all

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its been a while!!

Hey everyone!! I don't know if you will all get to see this..I mean my dear friends from the summer..its been a while and all I can say is, God has been working on me so that I put all my attention on Him and not everything in the world. I have been working on my art work..I give art lessons and I've sold a few things also, so God has been showing His favor with me! I'm not saying its been financially easy because its probably gotten a little worse, but I know I'm being pruned and pruning can hurt.

I'm making this short because its from my cell phone..I want to hear from Tonya, Alice, Kat, Linda and whoever I treasure that I have missed. I plan on going home and sending you all a note to let you know I'm here!! I will also post a few pictures of my art. Until then read what God has for you:"Come to me when you're hurting, and I will soothe your pain. Come to me when you're joyful, and I will share your joy. I am All you need, just when you need it. Your deepest desires find fullfillment in Me alone"

God Bless..

Monday, July 7, 2008

God is so good!!!

Hi everyone
I am going to write a small post because I am at work and have a lot of things I want to say but can't right now...I haven't been really in tune with everything the last week or so because I really have been down. The Lord has been pulling a lot of things from my past in counseling and I can't tell you how completely bad and good I feel all at the same time. I suffered a lot of abuse and humiliation from my ex-husband and I have to deal with it..unfortunately when I have to deal with it I also have to talk about it. I know you wonderful ladies are always there for encouragement but I feel like I have also lost a lot of woman who always posted in the past. Right now I need everyone to hug me and tell me a good word or two :)

Listen I want to tell you a miracle before I go home. 10 years ago I was given a prophetic word over me, nearly exactly 10 years. We were at our church retreat and after worship the leader said, "Donna come to the front" I came to the front and he had a word. He said: The Lord is priming you for something good to come. He is taking your heart and peeling all the old layers like an onion so He can get to the core and show you His love. I also see a little girl who is lost in the woods and is crying out to her "daddy" because she is lost and can't find her way home. Donna that is you and the Lord is going to do something great in your life, you just have to trust and see it come to pass" WOW..RIGHT!!

Anyway, time after time went by, obviously 10 years. I went through the worst period in my life in 2001, I went through a period of medication addiction and am still struggeling with it now, my back also, I went through a horrible murder of my girlfriend, on and on. I felt like the Lord abandoned me and I have shared this with you before. So heres the news from that wonderful word from the Lord and the Lord does everything in His timing, right? I was at the counselor last Wednesday and we got to the part of my abortion and my ex-husbands abuse. Suddenly the Holy Spirit was in that room..I'm telling you if I could of seen Him I would of because I felt His presence. My counselor said, "Donna all the Lord wants to do is peel your heart like an onion and take all those layers off that have brought you down, He wants to get to the core and show you His love, He has never abandoned you. He wants to show you that He has found you and you're not lost"!!! Just writing this is making me cry all over again!! How great is Jesus! I started crying so hard and told him what happened 10 years ago and just now I had never felt so close to Jesus. For the first time in a long time I felt like His daughter and nothing was going to stop me from ministering and reaching out to others and finding out what He wants from me....It was so ordained that I should be where I am and go through this long trip to my past and grow from it...Praise God! I wish I had my Bible right now but the Lord just wanted me to share this with all of you and hopefully I can be of some encouragement for others like you are all to me :)

I will post again..but I better get back to work or I will be fired...I painted 3 more paintings and will post tomorrow. I love you all and please could someone tell LaToya and Lynn and PlantLady I miss them..til morrow


Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Lords Prayer...

First Ladies..let me tell you how much I adore your comments that you make to me each time I post. It brings me peace and serenity...the encouragement is posted by you but made through by Christ! Debrah what you said absolutley meant a lot..basically I am the King of Kings daughter and no one can take that away. So if some of you didn't read what she posted please doesn't just relate to me but to all of us! Praise God!

Remember when I said I would post other things besides my own posts? Well I found this online and maybe some of you have read it but it's also a little project concerning the greatest prayer our Father taught us to pray...I want all of you to read this, write it down in your spiritual journal and then write your own version of it. I want all of us to post something the next time we meet..
The following is a version of the Lord's Prayer and I also have put a couple of words in of my own:

Donna can't say "Our" if religion hasn't any room for others and their needs
I can't say "Father" if I don't demonstrate His and my relationship in my daily living
I can't say "Who art in Heaven" if all of my own interests & pursuits are of earthly things
I can't say "hallowed by thy name" if Donna, called by His name, is not Holy
I can't say "thy Kingdom done" if I'm unwilling to give up my own sovereignty & accept the righteous reign of God
I can't say "thy will be done" if I'm unwilling or resentful of having it in my life
I can't say "in earth as it is in heaven" unless I am truly ready to give myself to His service here and now
I can't say "give us this day our daily bread" without expending honest effort for it or by ignoring the genuine needs of my fellowmen
I can't say "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trepass against us" if I continue to harbor a grudge against anyone
I can't say "deliver us from evil" if I'm not prepared to fight in the spiritual realm with the weapon of prayer
I can't say "thine is the kingdom" if I don't give the King the disciplined obedience of a loyal subject
I can't say "thine is the power" if I fear what my neighbors may say or do
I can't say "thine is the glory" if I'm seeking my own glory first
I can't say "forever" if I'm too anxious about each day's affairs
And I cannot say "Amen" unless I honestly say..."Cost what it may, this is my prayer"...

Ladies, I know that we all probably go on to the same web sites and you may have already seen this but this is so important..If we are Kings kids, as my Dad always told me, then we have to tell our Father and King that He is more important than life itself!! Cost what it may....that is why we are here..Now write it down, post me your thoughts and record your own version..the Father is waiting for us to be obedient. I feel He wants me and all of you who have read this before to pass it on and bring more servants to this blog or any one..we have the world waiting for us to bring them to their final "home". If we don't do it who will?

Donna, the Kings servant!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Psalm 62:12

Hey Gals

I seem to go onto Rachel's post and she seems to be at a conference so I am going to pull apart a Psalm that my counselor believes is perfect for me. Just a foot note. I knew I only left 1 note for all of your encouraging notes but I have been praying for all of you daily, especially "tommy" husband. I believe the Lord wants all of us in heaven with our loved ones and I know through you he will come to know the Lord in a greater way.

Well I am at work doing this because my computer is going crazy so if my boss comes in I will sign off and you'll know why :) Psalm 62:12 "Also to you, oh Lord, belongs mercy; For you render to each one according to his work" This was given to me at 4 am, (I hope I didn't already go over this with you guys). It is about how much we feel discontent in our work and home and every where that we are looking to the wrong source to receive reward for our labor.

As all of you know, I have always been looking in the wrong spot. I constantly look to my boss for him "liking" me. WRONG!! I need to look to the Lord for that..He gave me work now He will fulfill that desire for "good job"! According to the Scriptures, it is the Lord who recompenses "to each one according to his work". The promise is repeated almost word for word in both the Old and New Testaments. We are ONLY accountable to the Lord!

How would our lives change if we received this truth and began to look to God as our "employer"? We can't enjoy the quality of life He came to give us as long as we substitute human reward for divine recompense. Yes, our employer signs our paycheck, but we receive all we receive from the hand of God!

You know how long I have been praying for my work to fulfill my every need. Well the Lord didn't move me to a high position...but He moved me to a better store and gave me 40 hours!! Praise God!! We need to consider any work that we do whether in or out of the home as a spiritual activity! That is a liberating truth...thinking that every ounce of energy we expend can work toward divine recompense. We will fail to realize the high calling of God if we anxiously watch the clock at work or at home...even having our quiet time...which is so hard for me at times.

The Lord always taught a work ethic based on love under God. In our work, we are made in the image of God, who is Himself a worker, a manager, a creator, a developer, a steward, and a healer. To be a Christian is to be a colaborer with God in the community of humanity...Praise God!!

Thank you all for believing in me..thank you for praying for me..and I know I met those girls needs and the Lord had me at the beach for a was to use His tools that He is showing me and not to rely on other people to make me happy!!

God Bless

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Back....

Hi Everyone!

Yes I'm back from Panama City..I came back on Sunday night and just now have had a chance to breath. I read all of your comments about my last posting and I am so glad all of you encouraged me. I AM FORGIVEN...PRAISE GOD!!!!

Well what can I say about Panama City..I was not welcomed by one girl, one girl in 9th grade that made me feel as if I was trying out for her and her only..I went into the trip with all the staff and leaders from my church (First Baptist of Atlanta) saying, "You have the drama girls..they all need attention" Well I am what you might call down to earth, firm yet loving and "get over it and grow up"! She was a handful and it all came to a head on Friday. I mean we left Wednesday and our full day was Thursday..we had our wonderful worship and great ministering from a guest preacher who told it like it was. He basically hit a nerve and I tried to help her express it. She didn't want to and went to the leaders or rather the staff and told them "Miss Donna is making me open up and WE don't like it"...Well the enemy certainly was stopping me from ministering to her wasn't he...NOT!!!

What he tried to make bad the Lord is always victorious..PRAISE HIM! Now she did get her way, I was told to sit down with the head of the youth and the "house Mom" who was in their eyes experienced because she was a teacher for 23 years. She told me that I should not of been transparent with them because I don't know them. Well how do you think I was transparent? I told them the same story I told all of you...I did something at the age of 19 and I wanted all of them to know that they could reach out to the Father and ask for forgiveness, but if we don't forgive ourselves we can't grow into the young women Jesus wants us to be.

Well what do you think our little 9th grader did..she told the staff she wasn't ready to talk and I was making her!! I asked all of the girls if I was making them talk and they said no and told her that I wasn't doing that but because the "house teacher" said we have to "walk on egg shells around her" I should of known that if I knew how to take care of young women!! How hurtful could one woman be!! She probably didn't know how she and the young girl hurt me but they did and it hung over my heart for a couple of days. Because of her hurtful words a couple of boys called me the "demon leader". They got in trouble with the men. In a nutshell I was asked for forgiveness from the leaders except for the 9th grader and the teacher.

What hurt the most was my girls were hearing all of this drama and had to be talked to by the leader of the youth, Jordan. He also talked to me and said, "---------- has too much drama in her life, it perceives her where she goes and she has a problem, if we had moved her it would of gotten worse. I know how you raise children, just look at the glory of God in your girls. When my children are older I would come to you for advice. You did nothing wrong. We just need to pray for ----------"

So Ladies I was placed with another leader and her senior girls. They went to the other girls and said, "Miss Donna is so cool why did you allow this gossip to happen" No one said anything except, "we didn't do it --------- did, blame her". So I was accepted by everyone except her and it still hurts....

I mean I'm sitting here crying as I write because I just don't know where my ministry is going?! The Lord is using me but after this week I feel like it didn't matter. I then went to my bible and devotions and read this, the Lord always bring thing to light after the fact. "You hands shaped me and made me, Lord" Job 10:8
"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mothers womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous, Lord." Psalm 139:13-14

"Everyday of my life was recorded in your book Lord. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed" Psalm 139:16

"We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works." Ephesians 2:10

Each of us are uniquely designed or shaped to do certain things. I am the way I am because I was made fo a specific ministry and I can't give up on it because the enemy is bringing me down due to this young girl. In "The purpose driven Life" Rick Warren describes SHAPE as:
Spiritual gifts

Maybe my SHAPE is not with certain girls but I do believe I have a gift with all of you and women who have gone through what I did in my past...abuse, single parenting, loneliness, and the healing I experienced through it all. I just ask all of you to pray for me to get past that week. I can honestly tell you this is probably the first time I was so hurt by one person so much younger than me. I want the "tape" to go away in my head and stop listening to those words also. The Lord is right here with me and He never made junk..I AM NOT JUNK!! It's funny I knew the Lord was trying to talk to her because the night she made a fuss the speaker said, "I am sensing that there has been a lot of reputations hurt and those that hurt people need to ask their forgiveness" She didn't but I know that she also felt guilty because she couldnt' face me and the leaders all asked her "was Miss Donna really that bad" she said "no".....I need to pray for her and ask the Lord to show her His glory to her...she needs to stop drama with people and start growing up...not letting her act like that because she always has!

I love you all

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Lord is good!!

Hey Ladies...

Yes I am alive!! My computer crashed last week and I cannot post from my phone...I can tell you that I see God's hand in my life a lot lately and I see the "other side" working too but I am sick and tired of giving that one any credit so lets move on...:)

I was reading Psalm 51 today.."Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me..cast me not away from your prescence..restore unto me the joy and salvation and renew a right spirit within me" The Lord gave me that today and you know why..because I have not forgiven myself for something that happened a long time ago.

On July 12, 1980 I was 8 weeks pregnant and 19 years old, 20 on July 13th. I went into an abortion clinic on that day and had an abortion. It was always easy for me to say to someone and always say that I was forgiven, which I know I was..but I never forgave myself.

Through out the years I had panic attacks, depression and I made a lot of bad choices. No one stopped me nor did they ever counsel me on the hurt that could happen to someone making that choice years later. In the 80's it was the thing to do if you got pregnant..have an abortion. Well the Lord placed on my heart today that I need to forgive myself and stop blaming myself for something that He took care of years ago.

My baby is a spirit in heaven and I know one day I will feel "his" spirit when we all are there..I believe it with all my heart! I believe he led me to that scripture because I have to have a clean heart before Him no matter what. David wrote this after he committed a crime against Bethseba's could he live with himself? Well he did but after a lot of fighting against himself also.

I've been to counselors and I never had them say, "Ya know it could have something to do with that abortion" But I also didn't go to a christian counselor either...I am now and something just came upon me to reveal this to you and everyone who reads it. God is good and loves us so much..we are forgiven but we need to come before Him with a clean heart and a renewed spirit before we can forgive ourselves...

I love you all..I am leaving for FL on Wednesday..pray that I will reach these HS girls and that God will use me, as He is now...God Bless all of you!

Love Donna

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Transformed by trouble...

I have been posting to everyones blog because I need prayer..I remember someone posted to my blog that I am getting Satan's attacks because I am ministering to others and God is working so much in my life..HE IS AND PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!

Yesterday I started going back to counseling and this time christian counseling. It is a 14 week course which starts from your beginning of life to now. My counselor wanted me to know that the Holy Spirit would be there weekly. That I can't change others and I can't change myself until I know where the patterns I can't control started. This was a first..I always went to counselors that only would deal with me and my past was not really investigated. I went into the room and started talking and started crying. I talked for 15 min about as much as I could..I told him that the enemy is attacking me so much I feel like giving up..I didn't mean suicide, it was more like, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired". So why did I title this transformed by trouble? Because the Lord gives us issues in our lives so that we will be transformed. I know you know this but I need to write about it a lot because I need to remember that there is a purpose behind every problem.

I was reading my book today for Day 25 in "The purpose driven life" it is about how problems are given to us with the fill knowledge of the Lord..well we all know that, but it can be so hard to read it. Well wouldn't you know that my boss came in today and did his wonderful act of humiliating me in front of everyone and making me feel like my feelings and actions don't matter in life. I won't even get into it because that is what the enemy wants, "go on, talk about it..keep on running that tape in your mind over and over until you can't stop crying and thinking about it.." FORGET IT! I'M OVER IT!! What I don't have is an ability to let things go and give them over as fast as others can..and that is what I need to learn from the Lord and my weekly sessions.
God has a purpose behind everything and we should expect 4 kinds of them in our life.:
  1. Trials are designed by God to draw us closer to Him and build our character.
  2. Temptations are designed by the devil to draw us away from God and destroy our character.
  3. Trespasses are hurts caused by the sins of others.
  4. Troubles are usually, but not always, the consequences of our own sinful choices.
When we face a problem, try to determine the source first. If the trouble is your own fault, we should repent of it. It it's from the enemy we should resist it. If it's a trespass against others we need to release it through forgiveness. But if the problem is a trail from God, you need to relax and trust God in it. Regardless of the source, none of your problems could happen without God's permission. Everything that happens in the life of a child of God is Father-filtered, and He intends to use it for good. I have to lean on these words when troubles come.

I know that you hear me constantly speak of my job but when your husband is unable to work, it is a hard burden to bear. When my boss promised me a position of management and then said in front of my face, "I never said that", its hard to swallow. It's like, "Lord do you want me to quit? I don't know what to do? You gave me this position and it's been going down for such a long don't like when people quit..what should I do" That is my prayer right now..the Lord has given me so many ways to pray when I'm there, the hours are good and I don't commute a all sounds so trivial but I believe the Lord gave me this job. I worked so hard for this man to get a better position and he has royally stabbed me in the back! See I'm talking about it!!

I have to remember these scriptures: 2 Corinthians 4:17 "For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all"

Because God is sovereignly in control, accidents are just incidents in God's good plan for us. Romans 8:28 "We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his for purpose for them"
Romans 8:17 The message "We go through exactly what Christ goes through. If we go through the hard times with him, then we're certainly going to go through the good times with HIM!!"

I Love that scripture..I know all of this I really do!! Every time I have a devotion or a reading like this my day usually follows it exactly that way!! I guess I should be happy..God is telling Satan, "Shes my daughter, just don't harm her but she will prevail"!! I have to learn how to deal with these incidences with the right tools and when I do I will be even better in fighting that SOB!! Sorry :)

I Love you all and I will hear from you all later!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

What Impact am I making on my Children...

Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Okay here's the painting that I cannot get any larger!! I took it with my T-Mobile Phone and it looks like a postage stamp! My husband is going to take it later because I want you all to see the is really beautiful..if I must say so myself..God really brought it out the way I wanted it..I am so grateful for all the talent that He gave me, it's from the Lord, not me and I thank Him daily for it...

Anyway..I have not been writing lately because I have been sick as a dog! I cannot get over this bronchitis. The problem is last year I had pneumonia and I don't want it again!! So please pray for me I need this gone. I am going to be ministering in Panama City to High School kids and I leave June 4 thru the 8th. This is going to be a real test and I plan on having kids see what the Lord is really like through my eyes and their's. My girls are going but I am counseling HS Juniors, it's not so bad..they are good ones and Dr. Stanley's team won't allow any nonsense...

So that is why I wrote the title "What impact am I having...On Mothers Day, Dr. Stanley talked about his mother and the impact she had on him as he was growing up. I realized that I want my children to feel the same way and I truly believe that my mother was so much like her I wanted to write it in my own words for my mom and myself...

2 Tim 1:5 (actually before verse 5) "Every time I say your name in prayer....I thank God for you...I miss you a lot, especially when I remember the last tearful goodbye....that precious memory triggers another: your honest faith-and what a rich faith it is, handed down from your grandmother Lois to your mother Eunice..." The Message Bible. Every time I think of mothers and grandmothers I think of Paul writing to Timothy, even they were influenced by their care takers.

My Mom taught me to pray and read the Bible. She depended on God for everything. She became divorced from a minister in the late '70's. She never worked. When my father left her she had to use a check book and use a budget, never done before. She was placed in this situation exactly the way that I was from my first husband. God allows things like this to happen so we do rely on Him for everything. The point I need to make is: PRAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN!

Every night she knelt with my on her knees because that is where "we" must learn to talk and listen to God. She built a foundation for me to have a desire to ask Jesus into my heart at such an early age. Our children need to not only see us pray but they need to see us on our knees, we need to show reverence for our Heavenly Father, that is what He deserves.

My mother as well as myself trust Him for every need and desire. As much as it drove me nuts I never heard her say, "Poor me" She would say, " We're going to trust God". What would happen if we told our kids to trust the Lord instead of giving them a credit card or when they hear their parents say, "Lets get a loan at the bank.." Whatever excuse for not trusting is no excuse. I find myself saying, it's good to be in need so we can look back or presently saying, "We have a need...look to the Lord"!

She taught me to obey God as well as her. No reason.."because He is God" The degree that I disobeyed her was the way I was disciplined. She didn't hit me with her hand, that was for love. She used a switch, or a wooden spoon ;-) Or she would use a "Motherly Lecture".."I want you to grow up and be a good girl and a wonderful mother..." I think about it now and cry....She made decisions soley on what the will of God was. WHY DON'T WE DISCIPLINE OUR CHILDREN ANYMORE!! I know that most christian mothers do but what is happening to our society that we will go to jail if we discipline our is so wrong!! I also believe that too many parents are afraid and afraid of their child's rejection. Kids today have no sense of reverence for man or God. We as mothers and fathers are responsible for building this early in their lives!!

My mom, as well as myself, learned how to forgive others. She watched a horrible man abuse me and I watched my father emotional hurt her. I didn't know how she would react to my ex and his abuse, but she forgave him for what he did to me, as well as her. I in turn learned how to forgive also. She taught me to forgive. She was obedient to God no matter what..and that is what I want out of my life also. All through her life she had a power of persistence. She never gave up..she would get angry at me for quitting things in life so easily. She was like a "slow moving tank". She grew up in England in WWII so it taught her this early in life..when you are face with war you can't just say, "I quit living" She is now teaching me to stay..stay in jobs..if you get fired fine..but God doesn't want us to quit...He will work it all out..don't move onto other things, anything, until He tells you to. Don't operate on feelings!

Most of all my mom had a servants spirit! Lord knows I am working on that attribute! As a ministers wife she always wanted to help others and serve them too. She was raised one of 9 children, she knew what to do. As a youngster she was laying the groundwork for her future. She volunteered at a nursing home once a week to pray for the elderly...she was and is a prayer warrior if there ever was one!!! One Christmas she got food poisoning and still made dinner for everyone. She lived an orderly life. Me and my sisters would always know that before a holiday we would walk downstairs and the table would be set with every piece of silverware and the food was in the oven, at 10am!! Her home was spotless, she set her clothes out the night before, and always made our lunches the night before too. Remember in the 60's and 70's, the hankerchief? As a minister wife, she had a clean one to spit on it and wipe my face...did I hate that!! She always had an apron and never looked sloppy. "Whatever you're doing, look your best because you represent Jesus" My girls hear that weekly!!

She always taught me to be an encourager. Correct things by pointing to what is right. She always told me to just do my best..since I was an artist I didn't apply myself, but I did my best. That is what I tell my girls too. Both my parents encouraged me to do everything..and I did. Parents you need to encourage your kids. Rejection can begin with the parent.."Why didn't you do better" "Why didn't you hit the ball farther"..Our kids are raised by us, not their teachers..
She demonstrated how to love unconditionally. This has been helping me lately realizing how God loves us unconditionally too, if we don't know that how do we love at all? How do we show our children how to love? The Bible hasn't changed neither have the principles. When we practice them it's better for our kids and our next generation of kids.

We have what money can't buy and death cannot take away. Build into your children character and base them on principles from the word. If you and I do that we will have our next generation the best ever.

I Love You All

p.s. I just want to thank all of you for posting. Because I have been so sick I wasn't able to get online. LaTonya you are a beautiful person. Alice I praise God that He has healed you..thank you Jesus...for each and every one of you, my regulars and the ones who post once and a are a blessing to me. My mind is a complete blank but my last post said.."donna you are ministering because that is why your life is turning upside down..."I couldn't agree more..I sincerely mean this..without all of your prayers I wouldn't be able to write what I write nor pray the way I do for each of you..I love you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I want to be like Jesus!!

I finished my painting and it looks wonderful!! I will put it on my blog soon as I can figure out which plug goes here and there ;)

I wanted to say something first before I write what we all want..I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day also. Alice E. thank you so much for writing down your prayer request because I never told you that God is going to heal you! I believe it..I believe that a lot of us go around and say "the Lord knows my heart.." Yes God knows our hearts, He must have a lot of prayers that He is hearing right now..but when we ask others to pray for us then that is what he wants to hear the most. He wants us to be a community of believers, He wants us to get along and lift one another's prayers up..if we aren't an example then who is!? I am praying for you Alice.... and LaTonya like I said in my post you are special because you opened up to everyone about your past and the Lord is going to do a miracle for you just like He is for me..Praise God!!

Now to what I think is from Him...I believe our spiritual depth is determined by the depth of our genuine humility of our hearts before the Lord. Humility is one thing I am not the best is also probably the lest thing we actually seek after with intensity like we do our prayer life. It says in Zep 2:3 "seek the Lord, all you meek of the humility" Jesus had humility and I want to be like Jesus!

Until we want to become nothing..meaning living totally depending on Him..He cannot become everything to us and through us! 1 Cor 13:3..God makes it clear that we're totally ineffective if we're not being loving at all time. Boy that is the truth! I read "The purpose for living" and I am getting that statement everywhere I look! I know God is telling me something! Humility is the basis of love and that should be one of our greatest needs.

If we have relationship problems..heres my angle..humility can solve them, provided both parties choose to obey God's word. Eph 4:2 "WIth all lowliness and gentleness...bearing with one another in love" Col 3:13 "As Christ forgave you, so you also must do"

One of the biggest form of pride I believe is the way we make excuses in everyday situations, instead of having the humility of 100% causes us to say, "I'm sorry; I was wrong..please forgive me" Excuses are a combination of truth and a cover-up. Psalm 34:11-14, God calls it deceit. Pride is the ugliest sin and humility is the most attractive grace. Pride is the most deeply entrenched sin because we are the most blind to it, it's all based on deception.

If you had an impression you thought was from God when seeking God's guidance, and you later found it wasn't, it is important to humble yourself before God to avoid a platform for deception from the enemy...Pride can also keep us an intimate relationship with God. Psalm 138:6 says it best, "Though the Lord is on high, yet He regards the lowly; but the proud He know from afar"

I think we should all ask the Lord to forgive us of our pride, we all have it, and ask Him to reveal it to us, and then Praise Him for making us more like Him daily. Remember we die to sin daily. We don't always see this..we need to yearn for personal revival in ourselves..I am guilty of this and I pray that someone who reads this will also see themselves in it.

I love you all and I pray for you daily..Pray for me as well as my husband too..the battle is the Lords and we need to put on the whole armor to fight it!!

Love Donna

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The remaining retreat of '05

Well ladies I promised I would finish this retreat with all of you and I will..I hope you like the picture I have of my beautiful daughter, 20 years old, and I just had to put in a picture of lilies..I love the scripture in the Bible where it says in Song of Solomon 2:1 "I am the rose of Sharon, And the lily of the valleys.." Isn't that beautiful?! I just had to write that and put that picture in, God is so wonderful..isn't He!!

Okay..lets finish the retreat in April of '05. I left off talking about our speaker Muriel and her sermon about Rebekkah, and are we willing to do things with no agenda..So after the sermon it was Saturday night and a lot of us starting to pray together. She prayed that I would continue hearing from "Him". Let me bring all of this home and be an example at home and at work. She prayed that all the hurt from the past and my children's hurt would never suffer anymore. Then out of the blue, she said, "Are you afraid that your husband will not understand? He hurts you emotionally doesn't he"? "Yes", I said. I cried and we prayed that my husband would also listen and grow into the position of the spiritual leader and that I would be able to be that example to him. Amen!

Next step was bedtime and a deep and wonderful sleep....

Sunday..our last day, and last session..what a glorious time we had! Worship was outstanding as usual. I didn't have any more anger in me for the leaders I was so in love with the Lord. Our leader asked if anyone wanted to say something. My stomach had so many butterflies that they were ready to fly away. I tripped up to the microphone and started out joking, "I knew the Lord wanted me to speak so I had to go now or I would be sick! I want to speak without crying because I usually forget what I need to say and then sit down saying to myself, oooh I forgot that one thing! The Lord has touched me so incredibly this weekend" I continued on "When Muriel started to say she grew up at Salem I nearly fell off my chair..whoa, Malcolm Smith..thats my Dad! My dad made mistakes (I started to cry) I made mistakes marrying my ex husband, but I was delivered this weekend from all the generational curses that have been attacking me and my family. Thats why this was MY WEEKEND!! (still crying) I had a prophetic word over me 10 years heart is like an onion (I told them this because they didn't know), an onion with layers and each layer is being peeled slowly as the Lord is trying to reach the heart. In this word there was a high dense forest and I was a little girl crying in the woods, crying out to my earthly father and my heavenly Father and I found Him this weekend! I refuse to allow the enemy to touch my family anymore. We have had a great weekend but it can only be real if we continue his blessings and bring it all home to our work and family" I finished and went back to my seat, crying...

Muriel went on to preach about how we need to have a real desire to understand the Lords heart. Every bit, like an archeologist does with his profession, He wants to know every area. Towards the end I had such a gnawing in my heart to pray for a woman by the name of Janeen. (Janeen and her husband had been praying for years to have a child, after a while she had become bitter and it was hard to get to know her) I said to the Lord, "Janeen?..Me?! She barely speaks to me Lord?" So I ignored Gods calling because He doesn't ask me to pray for anyone! Well the Father kept nagging at my heart to pray for her and I finally was obedient. How many times do we ignore the Lord and how many times have we missed out on blessings because of it? Of course though I was bargining with God, I TOLD Him, "If Janeen walks away that means I don't have to..right?" ..."NO" He said, "Pray for Janeen, you know what she wants and needs"! WOW!! When God talks we need to answer!! Am I right!!

So I said "Janeen, the Lord has told me to pray for you, I don't know why but I can't ignore it" I told her, "Everytime a baby is born, a child dedicated, someone pregnant, I think of you. He wants you to have all your blessings and we do when we are obedient to Him. I want to also be obedient, is it okay for me to pray with you?" She said, "Okay" So I started to pray...

"Lord, I lift up Janeen to you, you know what her hearts desire is, you know you placed her on my heart for a reason and I want to obey that right now. You want all your children to have their desires of their hearts and Father right now in your name I ask you to give Janeen hers. She so desires a child, bless her now Lord and fill her with your Spirit...Amen"....It was short and simple but there was something very different about her and me. She stood there a while and softly cried. I was ready to move on when she said "I want to be prayed for but I don't feel worthy anymore...I mean look at you, 5 kids, no job, the other girl no place to live, I mean my prayers are nothing compared to everyone elses?!" I said "Janeen the Lord would not have used me to pray unless there was a reason. I personally haven't been healed from the pain in my back, but that doesn't mean I'm not worthy to stop praying for other things in my life?!"

Just before when Muriel was preaching she showed us a small glass bottle that she got in Israel. It is called a "tear bottle" and women collected tears in them so that they could present them to God. They believed the more you had, the more they believed God would answer their prayers. Muriel met a woman who prayed, cried, and collected tears so she could get pregnant. Muriel saw her at the wailing wall. Anyway she told us that the next day she saw the woman again and prayed "That the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob would allow this woman to bear children"! Nine months and 7 days, give or take, later, that same woman gave birth to a set of twin boys! Praise the Lord was all I was thinking and saying!!!

Janeen wanted so much to be prayed for. She also showed her a bottle that was similar to that woman's bottle. It wasn't easy for Janeen to get prayed for. She felt she couldn't ask her to pray with her, let alone ask the Lord for a baby. I kept egging her on to go and pray. This time the Lord was telling me "she"must be obedient since I was. I left her with that and she broke down in another friends arms. I felt that the Father had used me for Janeen and I was on top of the WORLD!! Janeen stood in line to talk to Muriel, infact Muriel didn't know I prayed with her either. I looked at them and she was holding a tear bottle. Janeen was also collecting tears, but she never put them in a bottle. Muriel said, "The Lord told me to give this to you" so she gave it to Janeen, she prayed for Him to open her womb! Praise God was all I was saying!! The Lord led me to pray for Janeen so God would show His mercy and grace on her..I was used by Him..what could be better than that?...Nothing...

To sum it up..even after 3 years I have to bring myself back to that weekend and focus on His grace and remember how much was shown to me. So much was shown and I can never forget it..I hope this reaches somebody in 2008 and touches their heart..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Retreat from April of '05

Hey my friends why am I writing about a retreat that happened 4 years ago? Well..the weird thing is that is happened almost to the day 4 years ago and somehow what I am about to write may help someone who is hurting and someone who may need help now!...This was a fabulous retreat that saved me and made me see things that I never did see before..I hope you all read it and understand that it was important and it could be important to someone else...

Womans Retreat April 22-24 2005

"Praise God! What a weekend! This was MY retreat!! I met the Lord! Through all the hardships that I have encountered, through all the prophetic words, whether I was struggling daily weekly or yearly..the Lord Jesus Christ told me this weekend that I was HIS!!

I know I always had been HIS, but I've been a failure and have been forgiven, I've made mistakes but knew they would be fewer and fewer. This time was different..(the retreat) generational curses have been healed!! My heavenly Father has seen my tears and counted each one, I was a little girl whose heart was like an onion with each layer being peeled until the core was reached..I was the one in the forest crying out..being lost and finding both my earthly and heavenly Father.

I remember also having a prophetic word about how my life was going to be majorly changed and the Lord was going to show himself in such a real way, what wonderful words..yet all were said 7 to 10 years ago (that would be 1995-1998). God's timing is not ours!!

Each time I felt like I was going through a miraculous change the Lord was only pruning me for the future. So I want to write down as much detail that I can remember for this weekend (April '05) Lets start with Friday night. I was tired and noticed a couple of the Spanish worship singers were on the microphone. So the enemy was tugging on my heart..boy was I pissed!! I should of been there not them~

Mireal Johnson-Sandbo was introduced as our speaker. The woman who introduced her said "This special woman grew up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY...I immediately knew something was up.. I GREW UP IN BROOKLYN. She then got up and started the usual thing I noticed was that she had a tendancy to get on a lesson and drifted off, but always came back. She then started speaking about how she gave her bicycle, as a 5 year old, to an older gentleman whose name was "Mr Kyvik". Mr Kyvik that was a guy I grew up with from Bklyn who was his great, grandfather!! My ears shot open!..she then said"in a church named Salem Gospel Tabernacle"! Did God ordain this weekend or what! Each thing she said related back to my Dad, my past and the church I adored..I approached her adn she immediately knew my family, my Mom and Dad and of course me and my sisters growing up in NY...I started running around the retreat and telling everyone, "she was talking about MY church!!

Well, that was Friday night so lets skip to Saturday afternoon. The lesson was on Genesis 12:24 about Abram, Sari, Haggi, Ishmael and Rebekkah. She spoke on how Abram slept with Haggai and how Sari became so angry with her and Haggai basically felt like "Hey what did I do, you wanted me to sleep with your husband so he would have a son"!! She was being loyal to her master..Because of all of this and the son no one wanted, there was generational problems. Ismael is Sudan Hussan 16 descendants back Grandfather!! (well now he was..Sudan Hussan..)
And then out of the blue, it was the Lord, she said "There was never a more loyal woman in Salem that I ever met than Jean Smith (my Mother), who put up with emotional abuse from a man, Malcolm (my Father)..She then looked at me and said "oh sweetie what you all endured, Honey where are you now, do you remember when I took you and your sisters shopping?" I was grinning from ear to ear. At this point in my life I needed her and she didn't know it. After all of this at a break she said to me, "Honey please forgive me, but you were hurt by your Dad, weren't you?" I nodded and said Yes..and then..after the break she said.."I want all of us to pray for Donna...Lord may all the pain and hurt she has gone through be gone in your name and all the the generational curse's be healed"

I know more was said because I was incomplete awe and knew Jesus was in the midst of this meeting..She said to me privately, "I hope you forgive me for saying all that about your Dad". Forgive you!! I am being healed!! Healed and released of all my hurt and pain from my Past abuses! I will no longer be crawling and falling but I will be working, holding my head high and knowing every thing I make will be done because Jesus allowed me to have a present and a future..of course I cried and told her about my pain and hurt. The Lord began a healing in me right then and there. After the afternoon was over I felt like a new the first time meeting the Lord. I felt alive, in love with Christ and on longer afraid of the world. Satan was defeated at the cross and he is a liar!! Jesus is alive in me!!

To come to an end to this retreat 4 years ago I want to tell you what she said in her sermon.
"It was a continuation of Abraham, Sara, Lot, Issac and Rebekkah. This I concentrated on hearing her through all the stories intertwined with Genesis. When she got to Rebekkah and the camels she had to feed at the well, I knew I wanted to be like Rebekkah. A woman who was asked by Lots servant, "Can I have a drink? She not only fed the servant but according to history, she gave gallons of water to the camels as well as cleaned them. The question to us was..are we willing to do things with no agenda!! If we think about it do we ever do things without a reward?!

People in church love to volunteer for things such as worship, childrens church, etc. and all of a a sudden if the Pastor doesn't give them a "hand" or some sort of attention, they quit!! We have to do all things, whether in church or out of it (in the world), without an agenda. If we are a light in our jobs, at home or at church, then we will glorify the Lord and that pleases much!! Isn't that what it's all about in this life!? ONLY TO GLORIFY HIS NAME!!?? YES!!!!

I could go on and on and I do have about 3 more pages..but ladies I want you to read this with understanding and realizing we all have the same issues but different times..I have to re read this over and over. I felt that someone really needed to read this and I truly hope the Lord brings it to light for someone or many..Praise God for His Mercy..and Praise Him for His healing on my Life and many others..

Love Donna

p.s. if you want the rest please ask and I will be happy to finish..

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Prayer for Blessing...

"Dear Lord
I want every single blessing that You would love to give me. Forgive me for not desiring these enough to ask for them. Please open Your heart, and be gracious to me. You are good, and everything You do is good. So let me experience You today, in all of Your abundant lovingkindness, even though I am in all of my unworthiness. Touch my life in ways that are very personal so that I don't miss your fingerprints. Bless me, Lord, I pray---bless me, indeed! And I will praise You, from whom all blessings flow. Amen"

That my sisters is what God wants us to do. Yes I know I went over the Prayer of Jabez but do we really ask God to bless us? Psalm 67:1-2 says "God be merciful to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us, That Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations"

We could go through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and find that the Lord wants to bless us, and bless us indeed. I don't know why I wanted to touch on this again but as usual I am having a hard time at work. I am getting real tired of being overlooked, I am getting tired of being the person who had it all at the beginning of the year and now I don' it jealousy? It could be..but God wants me to ask Him for those blessings daily. That is why I wanted to give you that prayer. Say it daily..daily, that means every day and don't miss a beat.

Think about it..Jabez began his life with a handicap--"And his mother called his names Jabez, saying, Because I bore him in pain"..yet Jabez didn't let a hurtful past or unpromising present keep him from asking God for a huge blessing. I think a lot of us either started our life with a disadvantage or, like myself, have felt shame, rejection, abusiveness and while married to my ex, a complete nobody!! Negative life experiences can influence how we see ourselves and how we understand and relate to God. Haven't you had times where you've prayed , cutting you off from His abundant best because of what you are going through or how you feel?

I want to share with you feelings that I have gone through where I don't feel worthy of asking for blessings and it has come between the Father and myself. I feel trapped between a bad past and a bleak future-Why would He bless me when I don't deserve it? I need to get my act together first. How can anyone love me?! Look at my past..God might love me a little bit, but He doesn't like me enough to really bless me. Is the Lord really involved in everything of my life?

  • Now I hope you know that these are lies of the enemy and they are robbing you of blessings. Now lets read the truth..if you feel trapped Read 2 Cor 5:17 and 4:16-18
  • If you feel afraid Read 2 Tim 1:7, Hebrews 13:5-6, Romans 8:37-39 and Matthew 6:25-30
  • If you feel unworthy read Col 1:13-14, Gal 4:4-6 and Eph 2:8-10
  • If you feel unlovable read John 3:16-17 and 1 John 3:1-2 and Romans 8:15-17
  • Skeptical? Read Proverbs 3:5-6 Philippians 1:6 and Matt 10:29-31
Listen ladies..I am no better than the next. My life has been so misguided by the enemy and people. I can speak now but I have been through Hell and back in a heartbeat and the only way that I came through it alive was through my Heavenly Father. I was beaten so badly with my ex husband that the only way I survived was because the Lord had a plan for my life and it wasn't my time yet!! And that is the truth!!

Now I fight stupid things and stupid lies from the enemy that have to be given back to the Father and let the Father know that He is in control...
I am blessed and I want all of His let all of us go through the next few months of this glorious spring and start over.

I hope you all know that as I ask for all of God's blessings I am also saying this to you because I need it...I need to talk about it as well as listen to my own words...We all do.
Love Donna

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring is here and oh how I love the word...

Oh how I love Spring!! I looked at a blank canvas of mine and decided to take it looked so bare that I wasn't sure I still knew how to paint or draw or anything! Well it has been a long time since I went to art school but since I know that painting is like riding a bike..I decided to take a whirl.

I looked for an hour for all my paints. I knew my husbands friend wanted a painting of a light house. I found a great photo of one. I went outside and started painting..I did that yesterday. I can't wait for the final product so that you all can see it and say "cool"..I am very crazed about anything I do. I never think it's good nor do I think it's even worthwhile..but when my husband and kids go past it they love it. I am painting outside and I look around and love to see the birds singing and the bees hanging over my head and I just smile. It's God's work! It's His work with all His wonders around me and it's His work that he puts talent in any of us. It's amazing how I write this and say "wow..Jesus is so wonderful, He gave me an incredible ability to communicate with my gifts and there are so many times I just whine and complain about my life and situation"!

He is there for us to communicate with either through our talent, our prayers or just us being there with the Father. I love Ephesians 3:18 and 19 and I put this in a small prayer for you to put your name in there:
" I pray Lord, that ______ may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height--to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that they may be filled with all the fullness of God"

I need to remember that and praise Him for that!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jesus is my Beloved and I am His...

I remember writing about the Lord wanting us to crave Him daily..well in Rachels Bible Study I just had to write something in the same way..

Jesus is our beloved and sometimes He may feel distant, right? I felt like that for so many reasons..whether it was in my mind or in my feelings. I felt abandoned and alone. He was distant from me. All I could do, besides completely backsliding, was keep moving into His being more and more. I know the ones that have read this blog know how hard it has been..until one day it was as if He never left me and my past was just past..

But for those of you that really don't feel God right now, read this. When God seems distant how do we deal with it. Do we get angry, cry out, what? Everything is okay...God is real, no matter how you feel. God wants to mature our relationship with Him..when He does this He will test it with many periods of seeming separation...those are the times when it feels like He has abandoned or forgotten you.

Psalm 10:1 Lord, why are you standing aloof and far away? Who do you hide when I need you the most?
Psalm 43:2 Why have you abandoned me, God?

David felt like this constantly, that is why he wrote as many Psalms as he did. God admits that sometimes He hides His face from us. This is a normal part of the testing and maturing of your friendship with the Lord. Read Job 23: 8-10 I go east, but he is not there..And when he has tested me like gold in a fire, He will pronounce me innocent...

How do we praise God when you don't understand what's happening in your life and why is God silent? Do what Job did..Naked I came from my mothers womb and naked I will go back...Job 1:20-21

Let the Father know exactly how you feel..I have! I haven't said, "oh you think He'll be mad at me?" NO!!
"I can't be quiet! I am angry and bitter. I haver to speak!" Job 7:11

Regardless of whatever circumstance and how you feel, hang on to God's unchanging character.
  • He is good and loving
  • He is all powerful
  • He notices every detail of my life
  • He is in control
  • He will save me
I know that my Redeemer lives and that in the end He will stand upon the earth ..Job 19:25
Circumstances cannot change the character of God. Trust God to keep His promises and remember what He has already done for you.

I could of given up and given in to the is so easy! I listened to my heart..I did cry and I did get angry..but our Beloved is so good and He is mine..through our lives He is unchanging and will never allow me to weaver or fall where I cannot be reached..My Heavenly Father wants us to trust Him because He is our Groom and that is all we have to remember...He Loves Us!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Creating a craft and having developing OUR friend..

Sounds cool doesn't it? Well I promised besides sewing, and talking about Jesus, we would also have a craft and talk about the Lord. I will give you good news when you read this :)

We are going to make a simple, simple Body Scrub! Yum, yum..I have made this and it is easy and fabulous
Basically it is a delightful alternative to the loofah, yet gentle and a pleasant aroma. After you take a bath, dry completely. Rub the mixture into your skin. Let it dry on the skin and then rub it off using a soft washcloth while still standing in the tub. It will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. Ya know how beautiful it will look in pretty shell containers too!
Makes about 5 oz
2 tbsp powered orange rind
3 tbsp of ground almonds
2 tbsp of oatmeal
1 tbsp of red rose petals
about 6 tbsp of almond oil
5 drops of any flower oil (jasmine, rose, or lavender are nice)
5 drops of sand oil (sandalwood, rosewood, or cedar)
1. Blend all the dry ingredients together
2. Add the almond oil a tablespoon at a time blending to a crumbly paste. Stir in the essential oils of you choice. Store in a glass jar and use within 2 weeks

I promise it's not hard. All you need are the ingredients and you can get those at Whole Foods or a Natural Food place. If I can do it so can you. You skin will be so smooth.

Now one more thing before I go and it is our relationship with the Father. What choices will I make today in order to grow closer to God? Sounds simple right? Well I had to think about it for a while...You build a relationship with God by caring about what God cares about. This is what friends do..they care about what is important to the other person. The more you become God's friend, the more you will care about the things God cares about, grieve over the things God grieves over, and rejoice over the things that bring pleasure to Him. The biggest thing the Father care most about is that He wants all His lost children to be found!! Praise God!! Isn't that the whole reason why Jesus came to earth? The dearest thing to the heart of God is the death of His Son. The second is when His children share that news with others!! Amen

I keep reading and re-reading James 4:8" Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you" I went into the message bible and it says," Get serious, really serious. Get down on your knees before the master; it's the only way you'll get on your feet" WOW!!
I care today that I am pleasing the Father, worshipping Him the way he would want. When Stephen was stoned in Acts, as he was dying he looked to heaven and saw Jesus. Stephen knew Him intensely, as did the apostle Paul. They were men after His own heart, as I feel that I am dying daily to sin.

"Father help me pray all day and every day..more than anything, anything, I want to get to know you me out Lord to worship in spirit and truth. Free to be open...Thank you Lord"

I Love You

Ladies-My husband had a prostate test about 3 months ago and completely forgot..guess what..he is fine!! Now I knew that didn't I!! But God had to prove himself to Mike for this to be real...As far as the blood, the doctor doesn't know what the problem is because it isn't there usually Jesus is a healer and we knew that!! Praise God!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Friendship with Jesus

Now the other night I decided I want to start drawing and painting again. I went to art school in New York, School of Visual Arts on E. 23rd St and 3rd Ave. I have no clue why I even mentioned that but..I have a gift of the arts as well as sewing and words. I thank God for that..I never thought I would actually thank the Lord for giving me words. I have been blessed lately with so many things and I just don't know where to start!?

I decided to start with my posting of our friendship with Jesus and I want to lay down some scriptures. I know they will bless you as they have blessed me...What is your friendship with the Lord:
In Proverbs 3:32 "God offers His friendship to the godly"
Matt. 11:19 "Jesus..friend of sinners"
If you want a deeper, more intimate connection with God you must learn to honestly share your feelings with him. Paul was the best example of this. God's agenda was his agenda, and God's passion was his: in the message bible it says"The thing that has me so upset is that I care about you so much-this is the passion of God burning inside me!" 2 Cor 11:2
How amazing was that scripture in just another version!!!

David felt the same way: "Passion for your house, Lord burns within me, so those who insult you are also insulting me." Psalm 69:9

Your friendship with God will also develop when you learn to desire His friendship more than anything else..
"The thing I see most of all is the privilege of meditating in Gods temple, living in His presence every day of my life, delighting in his incomparable perfections and glory" Psalm 27:4

Your love, Lord, means more than life to me" Psalm 63:3

And now what I want to say---When there is nothing on your mind at all except loving Jesus and claiming Him as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Emanuel, Abba Father and my best friend...then and only then you know that your friendship and love of Him is beyond comparison! For Paul to say"...this is the passion of God burning inside of me! That is how I feel about Jesus, about my I can't find the right words to tell Him, the Almighty, Jesus the Son of much I love Him, adore, bless and worship Him and only's beyond me...

I pray Ladies that you love Him the way I do. That you trust and desire Him more than anything on this earth. When you feel that way I do you will feel peace that passes all understanding. No matter what you may be going through you will be able to do it because the Lord is with you and will never let you go. I know I may have touched on this many times but right now..Jesus is all I need. My husband may be having an issue with his prostate and I don't want to think the worst although he does. It doesn't matter because the Father is keeping me safe and when you have that peace there is nothing else you need. I ask that you pray for him..I ask that when you pray you ask that the Father removes his fear of cancer...but whatever the case may Father will not desert me nor will He let me down.

All of you have been an inspiration to me as I hope I have for I need everyone who posts back to pray for my family...thank you and remember the Lord is our best friend..forever...

Love Donna

Friday, April 4, 2008

Jesus wants you to Crave His Love for you....

My Dear Daughter

I want to tell you how much I love you. (eph 3:17-19) I want to take care of you and provide for you. (Matt 6:25-33)

Nothing you can do can change my love for you (2 Tim 1:9) You see, I love you so much, I died for you. (Rom 5:8)

I will always be with you no matter where you go. (Psalm 139: 7-12) I'm even going ahead of you, so that I can prepare a place just for you. (John 14: 1-3)

I promise I will always love you, (Jer. 31:3) and will bever leave you (Heb. 13:5) One day we will be together for eternity, and I can hardly wait. (John 17:24) Until then, watch for me. (Matt. 24:42) I will be back for you soon. (Rev. 22:20)

With all my heart,
Your Bridegroom,

Ladies, this is Jesus, Gods son, speaking to us, the lover of our soul. I want you to read and re read this until you never forget it. He wants you to want Him in every way. Imagine you are sitting at His feet and just absorb His love notes to you. Crave His attention and just absorb his presence. Praise God for His word and make it a lamp unto your feet!

Love Donna and Jesus

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Prayer of Jabez...

First I want to tell you some wonderful news in my life...We were supposed to have our income check sent to us on March 28..we received it March you tell me, was God involved in that or what. Ever since I started this blog..and in all honesty it was really for just talking..but it has turned into a ministry that has opened my eyes as well as others. Praise God! we got our check on Monday. First because my faith has increased with every turn of my hand..we didn't know how we were going to come up with $200 for the rent. Well we got the check and now that prayer was answered. Second, I have been in the Lords word every day for my job, for my family, for every woman that has left a prayer request on Rachels Bible Study, we received an extra $200 on top of the income check for nothing except a blessing from the Lord!! How wonderful and cool is God!!

I just want to tell you all that I have been suffering for about 6 months now..nothing to do with anything except me. I feel like I didn't open the word, I didn't have my quiet time, I didn't minister to others, I just was feeling sorry for myself, period. I know I said this on Rachel's line..I spoke to my Mom, the wonder of all christians, about 3 weeks ago, and she said, I was allowing the enemy to get to me. Plain and simple..the enemy was winning and I was allowing it..what was I doing!!!?? I was disgusted with myself. She told me to claim the victory and when I was on my own to speak in tongues quietly, because the enemy does not know our thoughts, I've ministered to you all about that. I did that. I did it every day and rebuked the enemy over and over. I prayer for all of you. I did my bible study. I opened the word. I gave others what I believed was what God wanted me to do. I typed so fast I knew God was involved in each and every key. I am truly in the word now and forever..don't get me wrong, I have always believed in the word, but this time was different. This time God was using me to get to others and give them encouragement each time.

Then my Mom sent me "The Prayer of Jabez", not like I didn't have the book, I did. But this time I adsorbed it, over and over. I have prayed that prayer over and over, 1 chronicles 4:9-10 " There was a man named Jabez who was more distinguished than any of his brothers. His mother names him Jabez, because his birth had been so painful. He was the one who prayed to the God of Israel, "Oh that you would bless me and extend my lands! Please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all trouble and pain! And God granted him his request!

I really truly hope you all know the Prayer of Jabez. In the version that I took it from was the New Living Translation, and where it says extend my lands, it says in other versions, oh that you would enlarge my territory! Now you tell me..has God enlarged my territory or what!! He has used me to minister to all of you as well as my family. He has been with me with my job and protected me, and He has blessed me exceedingly, more than I would ever have thought could happen in a long time. I am being used..and that is all I ever wanted. I want us to go over the Prayer of Jabez, maybe like a bible study. But if we don't get to do it I want all of you who read this to read 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 over and over each day. Do not leave a day out. We are children of God and He wants to bless His children over and over. He is the God of Israel, He is the God of Abraham and Issac. Yes we will have our issues, Yes we will have our troubles, but God has promised to deliver us from evil and a help in our times of troubles. Read it, absorb it and give me your postings. Without you I can't give back. I know God is blessing me and I can't wait for tomorrow!
Praise God~!

Monday, March 31, 2008

This is for the men in our lives...

How many men in our lives have learned ways to protect themselves from emotions..if they have emotions they could be labeled "unmanly", right? They have perfected these ways..workaholism, alcoholism, money, power, a grant position at work or the community, TV, TV, and TV..that is my husband..or just ways that they deal with real issues of life, in ways we don't understand.

God has designed us with an inner need to move past the surface relationships. I have been knocking on my husband's heart lately saying, "Will you please come out? I need to know you on a much deeper level, and I need to know that you know me?! I need to know that you care for me on a deeper level. What is in your heart?" I don't know about your husband or loved one but I believe it is God's purpose for a woman, me and you, to bring that man out from his inner place of aloneness. That is where he hides from himself and others, and especially from God, Prov. 27:19

Aren't we continually confronted with what is in our hearts. Our heart is the deepest, most inner recess of our being, the place where all masks and pretensions are removed, this is the place where a real person dwells.

The Lord can give a woman insight and understanding. If she abides in the Holy Spirit, she can begin to trust that what is going in inside from the Lord! We need to exhibit a "gentle and quiet spirit" 1 peter 3:4. Believe me I have to watch myself on this one too. I have shared so much of my heart to all of you and I share insights with my husband. He on the other hand, does not share with me. That is why Peter wrote "not to be merely adorned on the outside, wearing gold or arranging your hair" How many times do we think that men will pay more attention to us if we do that?

We also have to watch ourselves too. If our husbands resist our efforts to share, we could become intimidated and retaliate. Then what happens..those words that were meant to bring forth life and restoration, can become deadly weapons. Then it further damages our already wounded heart. We have to have courage, using words responsibly, speaking with respect, even when we disagree. I did that with my boss, when he attacked me I didn't come back at him. We have to do the same with our husbands. In anger, we are not to sin, Eph 4:26. Speak the truth in love and bind mercy and truth around your neck so that we will "find favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man" Prov 3:3,4.

We are even ambassadors of Christ in our marriage. Submission, although men don't realize it, is initially for man's sake, to help him. Submission is knowing our purpose from God's viewpoint and then bringing our whole self to our husband for his good. A husband who has learned to trust his wife will gain courage to open up about the wounds and failures of the past. A man no longer needing to hide, is a man free to reach beyond himself to others.

Praise God..and women try to love them even when it's hard :)

God Bless

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Faith is trusting God when you cannot see through the fog...

Hi wonderful woman and maybe a guy or two :)

After looking back on this week I think today was the worst day at work ever! I have been searching the Lord so much these past few weeks..He has given me words for others..He has strengthened me in so many areas..I am trying to give up something that has been a hinderance for so long..but Jesus has been good..I am at peace. So what do you think the enemy did today?! He tried to beat me to a pulp! My boss came in and was on a war path from the minute he say me. Then 2 hours later, I had a co-worker put in information for something, which was put in wrong, so my boss said in an e-mail, "which one of you did the count wrong"? I told him my co-worker did. So he calls me and says "Is is done right?" I said "Yea no problem" He then says, "You really love to blame people don't you?" Excuse me..didn't you ask who put it in? He then calls me later and tells me I can't read because I put his fax number in wrong and whats wrong with my eye sight? Funny how he put his fax number in wrong the first place..and of course didn't apologize for screaming at me and being disrespectful!! As usual I went home and cried and felt like I was worthless, very human huh!?

Now..what is the enemy trying to do ladies..I think "it" is saying, "Wait a minute, Donna is giving words to women, shes bringing encouragement, I do not want this, they're hurting, I have them just where I want them..Donna's got to suffer...So, what should we do...I think..continue to speak words of encouragement, stop dealing with fear, laugh in the face of adversity and bring everything to the throne!! Amen!

Yes, I was upset but I will not allow the enemy to come between me and God, nor the words that I have for others! What does it say in 2 Tim 1:7 "FOR GOD has not given us (me) a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND" So many of us are plagued by fears of all kinds( mine is probably loosing my job because my boss lost his mind!!) They have fear of failure, financial loss, or even fear of what can happen tomorrow. Rejection (my biggest devil!), disapproval, being left out, being unloved or ignored. Accidents, disease, death for their loved ones, the list can go on and on.

It seems like Timothy probably struggled with the problem of fear, he was young and didn't know any better. We may feel intimidated because we are woman, or because we may feel a lack of certain things. What I mean by that is if we've not been brought up as a christian, we may fear we don't know a lot about Jesus or the Bible. We may even feel a fear of job skills (me) or maybe we don't feel pretty. Have I touched on just about everything a woman feels? But Paul who was Timothy's mentor wrote to remind him that the remedy for such intimidation was for him to stir up or rekindle the spiritual gift that was in him (2 Tim 1:6). I think its good for us as woman too!

This gift gives us power, love and a sound mind..that is completely opposite fear. The thing though we need to do is embrace this gift, stir it up, and remain focused on what God says instead of listening to the sickening voice of the enemy. One time while I was praying, actually more than once, I heard a voice in my mind saying.."What makes you think praying will change anything? He will never change!!" What do you think happened next, my focus shifted from God, to my shortcomings and a sense of inadequacy. Everyone can be intimidated by a sick voice without realizing it!

I immediately realized it wasn't the Holy Spirit. How dare the enemy interrupt my praying!! If that happens to you, like it happened to me, you have to declare aloud "Satan, the word of God says the "fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16), and I am righteous because of Jesus. I choose to believe what God says, therefore, my prayer is effective. I refuse to listen to YOU"! We have to ask God to help us recognize the enemy's voice and never give it time to fester in your mind.

Keep the fire of the Holy Spirit stirred up in you and use the word of God so you can resist the enemy..then you can make good judgement calls, self control, and make right decisions for yourself and loved ones. If God is for you..who can be against you!! Praise God! He is good!
Love Donna

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rest for us stressed woman!!

I have been reading all of the posts on here as well as on Rachel O's. I remember when I started this I wanted to include a lot of other different things dealing with crafting, sewing, women, family, etc. I just feel right now a lot of woman are hurting and they are dealing with strength for themselves and husbands or trusting for God in all areas..whether medical or I just had to give a word or two for someone (or many :)

How many of us ask our family for things for Mothers Day. If we're young and have babies, we ask for "A good night's sleep" right? Hebrews 4:9-11 puts before us that promise of an elusive treasure so many stressed women, mothers or not, just dream about--rest. This passage speaks about rest in a different way, not necessarily physical. Previous verses in the 4th Chapter of Hebrews refers to Gods anger against Israel because they refused, because of their unbelief, to enter and possess the land God had promised them. So God declared they would not enter the rest He had prepared.

Today, because of the Lords provision for us, we've the opportunity to enter into His rest--a place of complete and utter dependence on Him. The problem is we try managing life's responsibilities and pressures on our own, rather than receiving that place of rest available to us by His grace.

Have you ever climbed a hill and wanted to find a place of solitude for yourself, to sit with the Lord and just absorb His grace? I remember at womans retreats we always did that just to find that solitude. When you find that place look around and compare the majesty of God's creation that surrounds you, maybe your problem doesn't seem so enormous after all. I've done it and believe me in everything that has been attacking me in the last couple of weeks I truly know, God is bigger than anything I have. When I prayed, the Holy Spirit reminds me of the Lords words: "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you yoke is easy and My burden is light" Matt. 11:28 and 30.

Sometimes our burden that we carry is of our own making and sometimes it's so hard to let go that God is the only one we can turn to. Repent of your lack of trust in His promises. Leave your burden in the woods where you prayed or in your "prayer closet". Wherever you do leave it, don't carry it back. Turn your back on it and energize yourself with new faith. A great sense of rest and tranquility will come to your spirit. I urge you to put away the weight of all these tasks you are trying to fulfill in your own strength. I know you have responsibilities..whether it's your children or husband..or job..I know, because I too have them. But putting your trust in God and receiving His strength for the doing of those things will give you a great sense of rest. This is HIS WILL for you today! Amen

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1 Peter 5:8, 9 ..this had to be said tonight

Declares, "be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about lie a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world".

I felt that each one of you reading this needs to read more of encouraging words as well as scriptures. When we understand godly principles it will help us live a victorious lifestyle that will ultimately affect how successful we are at resisting the devil. When we compromise our integrity, we are making a declaration that minimizes our spiritual authority. What does Satan and night, he studies whop he can ensnare. In 1 Peter 5:8,9 he identifies "him" as a "roaring lion" to communicate to us that "he" is strong, cruel, destructive, and a pursuer of souls. We can't take "him" lightly and think that we can fool "him". We're to be sober and vigilant, meaning not to be careless, but suspicious of constant danger from the adversary. All necessary virtues at all times.

Usually the first dart that the enemy attacks you with is deception. Then "he" tries to get you to compromise in some area in your life. The final result of these 2 areas, deception and compromise, will be feeling oppressed. If we continue living in this state of deception, we'll wind up in bondage. Living for that deception. Don't you think we should ask ourselves each day, "What way is the devil trying to deceive me today?" If you feel you have compromised in an area and have any feeling of oppression, you need to question where you were first deceived. These are darts that are penetrating the mind! We must renew our minds with the cleansing Word of God, this helps discern between truth and deception.

So the word tells us that the enemy walks about seeking whom he wants to devour, right? His whole being or ways, whatever, is to devour and destroy souls, right? So what is the most preferred target...our faith!! If "he" can weaken our faith, and even destroy it, "he" knows that we will be be able to please God. What does it say in the word, "without faith, its impossible to please Him" Hebrews 11:6. Each day we decide whether or not to please the Lord. Our choices affect our testimony, and also lets the enemy know where you stand with Jesus.

Seek the Lord in prayer..declare His promises over your life and your family..God has a specific purpose for you in His Kingdom. We are chosen vessels that He wants to use. All we have to do is yield to Him today...I felt from everyone that has been hurting that this needed to be said. God Bless all of you that needs a word today and take it for yourself.

My sewing habit is starting up big!!

Have you ever gotten into such a habit to do your craft that you're just looking for more to do? When I was a younger mom and all my kids were home. The twins were babies and the older 3 were in grade school, I just had to do something. Well I put an ad in the local paper and started to make baby quilts, dolls, etc. Soon I had everyone and their "mother" calling me to do sewing for them. I made quilts until 3 am! I just couldn't stop....I feel like that now..I want to do what God has given me as a gift. Its the same as when someone is hurting, God gives me words to speak to someone or everyone and I just can't stop! I look in my Bible and find scriptures and it is either for someone special or ME..

We all want to help one another, but sometimes its for yourself too. God can be speaking to you even when you have a word for another. I found that out today.."We need to turn everything off and turn Him on...He wants us to seek Him" So as we are seeking Him for everyone else, He could be using that to reach ourselves....

Well I hope you are all getting something from each posting. From sewing to speaking with the Lord..Spring is here and it's all about new beginnings. From a cocoon to a butterfly...Lets all emerge from the darkness of our lives to the newness of the ONE...
God Bless

Monday, March 24, 2008

All the Easter pictures are taken...

Well as you can see I did not accomplish my other dress :(...I was very upset..but alas I have a bunch of pictures I downloaded of a 1959 jacket and you like? I made it from pattern #8939 Butterick circa, I would say 1957-59. I found it online as well as the material. I put a strip of ribbon on the bottom of the skirt and a butterfly broach on the jacket.

Like I said on my last posting I just couldn't finish the jacket so I found this laying around halfway done and figured I could make it work. I finished it Saturday night and put it on and found out I had to loose 5 lbs in 1 night. Well I didn't, but I sucked it in very well, and I am truly happy, My husband hates the picture of him but if I don't get one I never will. Give me feedback and let me know how you like exchanging ideas, hurts from one another, crafts and prayers. I think I am doing a pretty good job reaching all of you. Please continue to post!

One more thing. Dr. Stanley, at church on Sunday, said if we don't believe in the resurrection then we cannot believe in Him or His death. The disciples believed everything Jesus told them but when He died, He had to prove that He was alive. We need to go out to our neighbors and friends and tell them "Jesus is alive"! I believe I am here for this crazy little blog and reaching so many woman, just like Rachel is, all over the country, so we can get together, pray, for one another, and sharing the good news. I have one lady from South Africa, I am thrilled! I just want to leave with one prayer for all of us...Lord, Let us learn to depend on you and you alone for everything in our lives. Even when we feel that we are at the end, whether its because of divorce or other hardships..YOU are in control, YOU are soverign, WE are your Brides. Help us remember how the disciples believed yet when you rose they forgot everything you told them. Don't let us forget...ever. WE are children of the almighty, let us remember that Whatever is true, whatever is noble...let us dwell on these things only...Lets just come to "Daddy" and let Him take over!
God Bless you all, see you later. Hope you like the pictures....:)