Thursday, June 19, 2008

Psalm 62:12

Hey Gals

I seem to go onto Rachel's post and she seems to be at a conference so I am going to pull apart a Psalm that my counselor believes is perfect for me. Just a foot note. I knew I only left 1 note for all of your encouraging notes but I have been praying for all of you daily, especially "tommy" husband. I believe the Lord wants all of us in heaven with our loved ones and I know through you he will come to know the Lord in a greater way.

Well I am at work doing this because my computer is going crazy so if my boss comes in I will sign off and you'll know why :) Psalm 62:12 "Also to you, oh Lord, belongs mercy; For you render to each one according to his work" This was given to me at 4 am, (I hope I didn't already go over this with you guys). It is about how much we feel discontent in our work and home and every where that we are looking to the wrong source to receive reward for our labor.

As all of you know, I have always been looking in the wrong spot. I constantly look to my boss for him "liking" me. WRONG!! I need to look to the Lord for that..He gave me work now He will fulfill that desire for "good job"! According to the Scriptures, it is the Lord who recompenses "to each one according to his work". The promise is repeated almost word for word in both the Old and New Testaments. We are ONLY accountable to the Lord!

How would our lives change if we received this truth and began to look to God as our "employer"? We can't enjoy the quality of life He came to give us as long as we substitute human reward for divine recompense. Yes, our employer signs our paycheck, but we receive all we receive from the hand of God!

You know how long I have been praying for my work to fulfill my every need. Well the Lord didn't move me to a high position...but He moved me to a better store and gave me 40 hours!! Praise God!! We need to consider any work that we do whether in or out of the home as a spiritual activity! That is a liberating truth...thinking that every ounce of energy we expend can work toward divine recompense. We will fail to realize the high calling of God if we anxiously watch the clock at work or at home...even having our quiet time...which is so hard for me at times.

The Lord always taught a work ethic based on love under God. In our work, we are made in the image of God, who is Himself a worker, a manager, a creator, a developer, a steward, and a healer. To be a Christian is to be a colaborer with God in the community of humanity...Praise God!!

Thank you all for believing in me..thank you for praying for me..and I know I met those girls needs and the Lord had me at the beach for a was to use His tools that He is showing me and not to rely on other people to make me happy!!

God Bless


GOD'S LADIE said...

Praise GOD! This was an encouraging word and especially with the storm I have been going thru at work, I needed to be reminded that I need only to please GOD. Thanks for this inspiring message and blessing us with this word from the Lord.
Love ya :)

From the Heart said...

A great post. Your right, God is the only person we need to please. I wish I had learned that before I had to quit after 34 years in 1999. You are definitely one of God's messengers.

If you get a chance visit my blog and read my latest post. As I've said to others I'm not a writer and cannot express in words myself like some of you do, but God gives me things to use. Some of them I had used on cards when I was doing the card ministry.

I have also put a new picture of my daughters and I on the sidebar. Would be interested in who you think each one is. There's a slideshow that has the latest pictures of all of us.
Have a blessed day,

SKY4KAT said...

So good to read your blog and catch up a bit. I too have been gone on little adventures.
I am struggling the same way you are but not at my job but in relationships with difficult people and difficult circumstances. Philip Yancey spoke at our church this spring and he coined a phrase that I have now incorporated into my thinking when I am in a difficult place with people or circumstances. It's "First thought wrong".
My first thought is usually a critical judgement and not of God. When i can catch myself right at the start with my first thought and say"first thought wrong, it helps me to pause and ask God into the situation. I don't always pause long enough to allow myself to grasp this but when I have it helps.
You raise a good question, How would our lives change if we looked to God as our employer and i might add lover and friend? Questions to ponder.
Thanks Donna

SKY4KAT said...

I love your drawing of the puppy. You are quite good!!

JnL4God said...

Good post. Yes we do need to look to God for and in everything. Of Course if we all had that down, there wouldn't be any thing more to pray about. Maybe be some things. :) We are works in progress and that was a good reminder to pay attention to where we focus. Thanks, Donna!


From the Heart said...

Just checking up on you. Haven't heard from you in a while. I hope everything is going well with your husband and your job. You have been in my prayers.
With God's Blessings,

debrah said...

Hi Donna:
Just dropped by to say Hi and let you know like the others I am keeping you in my prayers. This afternoon I feel that the Lord is saying to us that we are to receive His Love that some of us have been running on empty...going ahead without being refreshed, restored and renewed. Rejoice in the freedom of being the person that the Lord created you to be. That we humble ourselves, knowing that we depend on Him to fill us and provide what we need to serve Him. Donna not only are you to hold on to Jesus but know that He is holding on to you. I pray that you are experiencing a deep time of intimacy with our Lord and Savior. You are blessed Donna because you know that you are loved by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.