Friday, April 4, 2008

Jesus wants you to Crave His Love for you....

My Dear Daughter

I want to tell you how much I love you. (eph 3:17-19) I want to take care of you and provide for you. (Matt 6:25-33)

Nothing you can do can change my love for you (2 Tim 1:9) You see, I love you so much, I died for you. (Rom 5:8)

I will always be with you no matter where you go. (Psalm 139: 7-12) I'm even going ahead of you, so that I can prepare a place just for you. (John 14: 1-3)

I promise I will always love you, (Jer. 31:3) and will bever leave you (Heb. 13:5) One day we will be together for eternity, and I can hardly wait. (John 17:24) Until then, watch for me. (Matt. 24:42) I will be back for you soon. (Rev. 22:20)

With all my heart,
Your Bridegroom,

Ladies, this is Jesus, Gods son, speaking to us, the lover of our soul. I want you to read and re read this until you never forget it. He wants you to want Him in every way. Imagine you are sitting at His feet and just absorb His love notes to you. Crave His attention and just absorb his presence. Praise God for His word and make it a lamp unto your feet!

Love Donna and Jesus


debrah said...

Hi Donna:
Amen and Amen. What a wonderful way to view our relationship with Jesus.
Years ago one of our small groups was doing a study called daughter of the king...unfortunately for me it was also a time when I could only attend on my days off...but it was always such a blessing to be part of that study and deepen our relationship with Jesus. To know that He will always love us and that nothing can separate us from His love...who can find the words...yes you are so right in inviting us all to sit at His feet and soak up His Love...thank you for being a blessing.

fivedesigns said...

Thank you Debrah for reading and soaking in His love..thats all Jesus wants..I just wanted to tell you that I called my Mom and told her that from her praying she prayed for me to go forward and I did..and Jesus has been such a blessing to you, Sweatpea, Plant Lady, Kim, etc. and Me. I can't tell you how wonderful I feel. My Mom said, "You may not have wonderful things happen at work or in the world but you will be in perfect peace" I am..Praise God and thank you for being a blessing to ME!!

desert_rose said...

Thanks Donna- Reading your message brought tears to my eyes... It was just the thing I needed. I was getting so wrapped up in my own stuff, felt discouraged, and when I read your heart just soared.. We do serve such an all mighty God, but there is an enemy lurking around trying to steal our joy........No more joy stealer's for this gal.. Have a wonderful night and God bless kathy

Anonymous said...

What beautiful beautiful words. It seems like with all of life that goes on around me and being a mother to an almost 4 yr old and a 15 month old, it;s hard to find that time to really sit and soak up His love. Thank you for reminding me that I deserve it!
~ christi

Plant Lady said...

This is beautiful! Jesus is so wonderful, truly the lover of our soul! Thanks for posting this for all to see and realize just how much He loves us.

It reminds me of the notes my husband leaves around the house occasionally to remind me of his love. God does that with His Word.

Keep up the ministry!
Plant Lady

AliceE. said...

I read your post about how much Jesus loves us. I have had a lot of health problems and surgeries and God has spared my life twice. He gave me a card ministry in 2001 that I did until last year when I had to have back surgery at 3 levels and again not just one rod but 3 (I had 5 neck surgeries and have a rod in my neck). I am recovering really well. May 17th will be a year since the surgery but the dr. said it may take that long. The reason I don't do the card ministry anymore is that I lost the passion for it. I am not a writer but God always gave me something to put cards together. I truly feel there is something else I am supposed to do but I'm not sure what it is. There have been changes in our church and my husband and I have not been going for quiet a while. I do feel God is with us and will show us where we are to be. My husband and I have started reading the Bible and another book someone sent me and praying at night. This in itself is a miracle. There are so many things I could tell you that God has done for us in the past 46 yrs (as of Sept 23rd.).

You spoke of using your prayer language. While I was in the hospital last May, my husband said that even though I did not know what was going on around me (morphine sends me into another world) that I would pray and that one time I used my prayer language. I have been doing that more and more. It is so awesome that God would give me a gift like that because I know when you pray in the Spirit you are praying God's perfect will.
Thanks for reminding us how much God the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit loves us.

fivedesigns said...

To All, but to Alice because this is the first time she wrote:

Thank you all for writing wonderful words of encouragement and really believing this is God's love letter to us. I truly believe it with all my heart. I have changed through all of my words and finding things to say and I believe all of you will also! :)

Alice-we have a lot in common. My husband has a bunch of rods in his back and is in constant pain 24/7. His drug of choice is methadone, nice huh!? Anyway, you just keep reading with your husband and speaking in tongues either to yourself or outwardly..the holy spirit knows what we are saying and He intervenes when we don't know what to is the Lords language and it is for today as it was for yesterday in the book of Acts!!!

I feel for you because of your pain and I know what you are going through. My husband had another MRI after 7 years past the surgery and the doctor now feels he has so much scar tissue wrapped around the rods it is just making it worse. He lives on pain medicine and you would never know it..he is as normal with it than without..God has a plan for him as well as you. I wish you could continue to do His work but I do know what issues you have going for you. I will keep you in my prayers I promise.

Ladies, like many of you said..all of you who read this viewed it like our relationship with are absolutely right. This is His love letter to us, me and you. HE LOVES US SO MUCH!! As most of you said, I will memorize it. Memorize it and the scriptures that go with it so you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what the world does to us or the troubles we encounter, HE LOVES US and we need to imagine US..just like most said..sitting at His feet..Can you imagine sitting at the Lords feet? I can't wait..Lord I'm ready to see your face and sit at your feet just to say I love you...

God Bless everyone

AliceE. said...

Donna, Thanks for sharing about your husband. I am so sorry he is in so much pain. I can honestly say that as long as I don't walk very far or stand very long I am in no pain. I had allergic reactions to most of the pain medicines the drs. gave me. They finally sent me Hydrocodone to take with a Benadryl which worked well. I was told after about 4 months to start substituting Tylenol in between the other medicine until I finally ended up on 2 Tylenol 3x/d and it takes care of all my pain. As I said before, God has been so good to me.
I will be praying for your husband, nothing is impossible with our Heavenly Father.
Thanks for your words of wisdom and reminding us that we are loved by the greatest persons there is, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
In God's love,

A God Chaser said...

It is wonderful to know that Jesus loves us always no matter what. I read your Jabez post I too was similar to you in ministry and quiet - what a wonderful testimony please stop by my blog ands see some of what God has done for me since I started this the bible study with Rachael and my blog. God bless

Karen said...

Hi Donna,

I know this is not the most current post on your blog, but reading your lovely letter from Jesus reminded me of a devotion I read a few weeks ago on the Daily Wisdom site. Here is the link;

Take a look, it is the devotion posted on March 27. I hope it touches your heart too and fills you again with God's love for you. You and your family are in my prayers.

God bless you,


sharon said...

Wowwwww yes those words are so powerful just like his Love.
Thanks, I enjoy all your readings.
You are truly awesome, I am always praying for you!