Monday, May 12, 2008

I want to be like Jesus!!

I finished my painting and it looks wonderful!! I will put it on my blog soon as I can figure out which plug goes here and there ;)

I wanted to say something first before I write what we all want..I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day also. Alice E. thank you so much for writing down your prayer request because I never told you that God is going to heal you! I believe it..I believe that a lot of us go around and say "the Lord knows my heart.." Yes God knows our hearts, He must have a lot of prayers that He is hearing right now..but when we ask others to pray for us then that is what he wants to hear the most. He wants us to be a community of believers, He wants us to get along and lift one another's prayers up..if we aren't an example then who is!? I am praying for you Alice.... and LaTonya like I said in my post you are special because you opened up to everyone about your past and the Lord is going to do a miracle for you just like He is for me..Praise God!!

Now to what I think is from Him...I believe our spiritual depth is determined by the depth of our genuine humility of our hearts before the Lord. Humility is one thing I am not the best is also probably the lest thing we actually seek after with intensity like we do our prayer life. It says in Zep 2:3 "seek the Lord, all you meek of the humility" Jesus had humility and I want to be like Jesus!

Until we want to become nothing..meaning living totally depending on Him..He cannot become everything to us and through us! 1 Cor 13:3..God makes it clear that we're totally ineffective if we're not being loving at all time. Boy that is the truth! I read "The purpose for living" and I am getting that statement everywhere I look! I know God is telling me something! Humility is the basis of love and that should be one of our greatest needs.

If we have relationship problems..heres my angle..humility can solve them, provided both parties choose to obey God's word. Eph 4:2 "WIth all lowliness and gentleness...bearing with one another in love" Col 3:13 "As Christ forgave you, so you also must do"

One of the biggest form of pride I believe is the way we make excuses in everyday situations, instead of having the humility of 100% causes us to say, "I'm sorry; I was wrong..please forgive me" Excuses are a combination of truth and a cover-up. Psalm 34:11-14, God calls it deceit. Pride is the ugliest sin and humility is the most attractive grace. Pride is the most deeply entrenched sin because we are the most blind to it, it's all based on deception.

If you had an impression you thought was from God when seeking God's guidance, and you later found it wasn't, it is important to humble yourself before God to avoid a platform for deception from the enemy...Pride can also keep us an intimate relationship with God. Psalm 138:6 says it best, "Though the Lord is on high, yet He regards the lowly; but the proud He know from afar"

I think we should all ask the Lord to forgive us of our pride, we all have it, and ask Him to reveal it to us, and then Praise Him for making us more like Him daily. Remember we die to sin daily. We don't always see this..we need to yearn for personal revival in ourselves..I am guilty of this and I pray that someone who reads this will also see themselves in it.

I love you all and I pray for you daily..Pray for me as well as my husband too..the battle is the Lords and we need to put on the whole armor to fight it!!

Love Donna


From the Heart said...

Thank you, Donna. As I wrote on Rachel's post I have put this problem in God's hands and believe that He will heal me in whatever way He chooses. I'm totally submissive to Him. He said "He would never leave us nor forsake us, but go with us all the way even to the end of the world." I'm counting on that.

I have been praying for you and your husband. The answer for all of us is total committment to our Heavenly Father.
Blessings to both of you,

GOD'S LADIE said...

Thanks Donna! The best is yet to come for us all! I am "looking for a miracle" (song w/ this title)! GOD is going to do exactly what HE says. I have been guilty of having pride in me at various times of my life. However, I thank GOD that he is a merciful GOD. I thank him for his Grace. Sometimes, as you stated, it can be deceitful and we don't even know pride is there. GOD is still working on me. I have a prayer request and I will be praying for others as well. I have to see an immunologist tomorrow because my doctor referred me to him and thinks there might be something going on with my immune system. However, I believe all is well in JESUS' holy name. I believe I have been healed and am walking in my divine healing. Praise GOD! Thank you Jehovah Rapha! Thanks for the healing blood of JESUS! AliceE, I agree with you in the mighty name of JESUS that by his stripes you are healed! OH the blood of JESUS!

God Bless you women of GOD!

P.S. Donna, GOD's got it! You are precious in his sight! I encourage you in JESUS' name that all is well! You have the victory!


God Chaser said...

thanks for reminding us how God would have us to be. Pride moves us away from God and to humble ourselves is His desire for our lives. the problems we would most likely never have if we walked humbly and cast pride out the window.

From the Heart said...

I don't know if you have seen my last post on Rachel's blog but if you haven't I will put it here.

I'm sure you have heard Dottie Rambow's many, many beautiful songs. I just learned that she was killed Mother's Day in a bus crash somewhere in Missouri. She was 74 years old. If interested go to Her manager, webmaster and some others are in the hospital in serious condition. I'm sure her daughter and family would appreciate our prayers. My husband and I just watched a documentary she did not too long ago. Just thought there would be some of you who knew her and her songs. One of them was Sheltered in the Arms of God and many others. Good gospel music really speaks to me.

From the Heart said...

I spelled Dottie's last name wrong. It's Rambo.

SKY4KAT said...

Can't wait to see your painting Donna!
It is very difficult to surrender my life, my hopes, thoughts and dreams and to humbly submit to Christ.
My heart desires this but in my day to day walk I get busy, lazy or shut down and tune out.
Pride also enters in.
So I agree 100% that until we are humble and surrender our pride and our life to Christ we have relationship issues:with God, with others and with ourself.
Thanks for the reminder and thought provoking blog.

Plant Lady said...

How are things going with you? I hope your husband is feeling some relief with his back and you are feeling God's mighty presence surrounding you through this time.

I haven't heard from you much lately, and I just thought I would check in on you.

Be encouraged knowing that others are praying for you!

Plant Lady

From the Heart said...

Donna, Thank you so much for your prayers and all the other ladies. They worked. I am completely normal, I do not have to have surgery. What I thought was a real problem was not, everything was in the right place. What the problem is, however, is that I'm having bladder spasms which can only be treated by medication - if it comes to that point. Because I've had children, so many spinal surgeries and I'm getting old, well, that's the diagnosis I got.
Praise God for answering prayer. This I can deal with and I still believe that God is healing me and this problem will never happen again. I told the doctor about the Bible study on the internet and that people all over were praying for me. She did not have anything to say but I had to give God the glory.
Thanks again,

riverview said...


I just read your post on Rachel's blog dated May 8th. I have gotten so far behind since my laptop has been out of commission.

Donna, just remember that the closer we get to our Lord, the harder Satan comes against us. He hates to lose his sinners! The fact that you are facing this spiritual warfare is evidence that Satan is threatened by your ministry and your deep love of Jesus.

Substance abuse is a horrible battle, be it street or prescription drugs, alcohol, or tobacco ~ they are all killers. In his heart, you know that Mike really loves you. What he says when he is in the throes of addiction is not directed at you, you just happen to be the nearest and most available target. I know that you are aware of this, but it is often much harder for us to be in the middle of a situation and to grasp that handle of control when all we can think of is reaching for the panic button. I all to well know the hopelessness felt while standing by watching a loved one going through the mood swings and pain associated with addiction. All you want to do is run to whoever is near, grab them and shake them, begging them for help. We always seek earthly resolution first. We think that visible, human help will solve the problem immediately. Yet, we hold the sword of victory in our hand, all we have to do is thrust that sword in the form of prayer. God can answer much quicker that any human being can even move.

I know that you are a woman of very strong faith and that you know the true power and strength of prayer. You have countless women praying for you and empathizing with you through Rachel's blog. Oh, how thankful and rejoiceful I am that we have all found each other through Rachel's wonderful Bible study. Be strong, Donna, and know that there is strength in numbers ~ especially when it comes to prayer.

I am sure that you have already talked with Mike's doctor/s regarding this situation, and I know that it isn't something that they can remedy overnight. It is much more difficult than we would hope it to be.

Psalm 34:4-5 'I sought the Lord and HE answered me; HE delivered me from all my fears.'

And, my favorite:

Psalm 91:4-7 'HE shall cover you with HIS feathers and under HIS wings you shall take refuge; HIS truth shall be your shield & buckler. You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrows that fly by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you.

God bless you Donna. May HIS loving arms envelope you and give you the peace and courage that you need to get through this battle. After all, you have to get through this one, there is another one right behind it! (Smile) Remember that the sea is always roughest just before HE takes you to a new level.

With love & prayers,
Karyl ~ Bonners Ferry, ID