Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Friendship with Jesus

Now the other night I decided I want to start drawing and painting again. I went to art school in New York, School of Visual Arts on E. 23rd St and 3rd Ave. I have no clue why I even mentioned that but..I have a gift of the arts as well as sewing and words. I thank God for that..I never thought I would actually thank the Lord for giving me words. I have been blessed lately with so many things and I just don't know where to start!?

I decided to start with my posting of our friendship with Jesus and I want to lay down some scriptures. I know they will bless you as they have blessed me...What is your friendship with the Lord:
In Proverbs 3:32 "God offers His friendship to the godly"
Matt. 11:19 "Jesus..friend of sinners"
If you want a deeper, more intimate connection with God you must learn to honestly share your feelings with him. Paul was the best example of this. God's agenda was his agenda, and God's passion was his: in the message bible it says"The thing that has me so upset is that I care about you so much-this is the passion of God burning inside me!" 2 Cor 11:2
How amazing was that scripture in just another version!!!

David felt the same way: "Passion for your house, Lord burns within me, so those who insult you are also insulting me." Psalm 69:9

Your friendship with God will also develop when you learn to desire His friendship more than anything else..
"The thing I see most of all is the privilege of meditating in Gods temple, living in His presence every day of my life, delighting in his incomparable perfections and glory" Psalm 27:4

Your love, Lord, means more than life to me" Psalm 63:3

And now what I want to say---When there is nothing on your mind at all except loving Jesus and claiming Him as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Emanuel, Abba Father and my best friend...then and only then you know that your friendship and love of Him is beyond comparison! For Paul to say"...this is the passion of God burning inside of me! That is how I feel about Jesus, about my Father...like I can't find the right words to tell Him, the Almighty, Jesus the Son of God...how much I love Him, adore, bless and worship Him and only Him..it's beyond me...

I pray Ladies that you love Him the way I do. That you trust and desire Him more than anything on this earth. When you feel that way I do you will feel peace that passes all understanding. No matter what you may be going through you will be able to do it because the Lord is with you and will never let you go. I know I may have touched on this many times but right now..Jesus is all I need. My husband may be having an issue with his prostate and I don't want to think the worst although he does. It doesn't matter because the Father is keeping me safe and when you have that peace there is nothing else you need. I ask that you pray for him..I ask that when you pray you ask that the Father removes his fear of cancer...but whatever the case may be...my Father will not desert me nor will He let me down.

All of you have been an inspiration to me as I hope I have for you..now I need everyone who posts back to pray for my family...thank you and remember the Lord is our best friend..forever...

Love Donna


debrah said...

Heavenly Father I ask you that you comfort Donna and her family. I pray for the peace that passes all understanding. Strengthen and protect them. Keep them under the shadow of your wings. I ask you Father for healing and the oil of gladness. Keep them as the apple of your eye and bring forth your restoration in them. Let their joy be full in you. Draw even closer to you increase their desire for intimacy with you. I ask all this in the precious name of Jesus

Anonymous said...

I am praying!
Blessings ~ Christi

Plant Lady said...

You and your husband will be in our prayers. It is a scary thing -the fear of the unknown(whether or not it's cancer). Keep your faith and trust in God and His ability- He is the "Great Physician." I know of others in church that have been through the same thing and one who just had surgery this week! He asked to be annointed and we all gathered around him as the pastor annointed and we prayed. He said he had a peace and that he felt God had taken control of the situation. So give Him control.

Keep us updated on how things progress. We will be thinking of your family and praying as well.

Plant Lady

fivedesigns said...


Thank you for your prayers..debrah, plant lady and Christi..I feel like I have been giving words but right now I need them..It's been a hard day but I refuse to allow the enemy to take what is mine!!

I have rebuked Mike's feeling that he's "dying" and I know God has so much in store for me because the enemy is still trying to bring me down. That is why I wrote what I did..our friendship with Christ is so important and when you feel like it is tugging you daily..then you know He is REAL!!! Not just REAL but REAL to you in such a big way that you feel like you're gonna bust!!

Keep posting and seeking me out..I feel God has so much more and I won't let the enemy get in the way of what God has for each of us!!
Praise God!!

SKY4KAT said...

Lord lift Donna up where eagles fly and grace abounds. Give her a renewed strength, your strength for herself, her husband and her family. As the daily grind and illness pushes in, let your Holy angles join hands around her to protect her and keep her lifted high.
Donna, thanks for all your encouraging words and continue to rest in the Lord.
Praying for you and your family.

AliceE. said...

You and your husband are in my prayers. Here are two verses I have been given recently. I can't remember where they came from (possibly in one of the comments during this Bible study). I just remembered, it was in one of Dr. Jesse Duplantis' sermons that I heard on TV recently). I have typed them and put one in my billfold and one on my refrigerator.

"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

When I wrote you recently I did not tell you that my husband had been really sick. He has had a cough for quite a while and had to stop singing with the Praise and Worship team at the Senior Adult Services that use to be held on Sunday's at 3pm. Right before Valentine's he got up one morning and sneezed. He said when this happened it felt like the top of his head was coming off. Then it started hurting when he coughed. It would only last about 5 to 10 minutes. He went to the doctor who gave him a cough medicine. One of the side effects was ringing in the ears which started with him and became so loud at times that he could not sleep. He stopped taking the medicine but the ringing was still there. He did not sleep for about 3 nights it was so bad along with the pain in his head. I laid hands on him and prayed for him at least twice and both times I prayed in the Spirit using my prayer language. One night after praying for him he said the only thought he had was "rise and be healed". I said, "then do it." When he did he started praying and worshiping God. The next day his countenance changed. He started getting better. He still has some of the symptoms but he is sleeping all night and the symptoms are not as great as they were. That was the first time I had ever prayed for him like that. You may have already done this but if you haven't maybe you should.

A devotion I read recently by Joni Erackerson Tada was titled "Satan Schemes, God Redeems."
May the peace of God fill you and your husband and may you feel the arms of the sweet Holy Spirit surround you, in the name of Jesus.

fivedesigns said...

You read my mind!!..first thank you all for your prayers, honest..I am humble and I know God will prevail. Well let me tell you about last night. Since he pretty much cried all day, because his brother dies of cancer and he is not trusting, plan and simple, he had a severe migriane. I pretty much had it!! I was an emotional mess, I didn't cry..but I was angry! "How dare you not trust the Father, after everything we've gone through, after He healed the twins when they were born, the blessings we have received"..I want on and on and of course he accused me of preaching. That is Mike's defense mechanism. Don't preach to him but you can pray with him, stupid..anyway. I put him to bed and I prayed up a storm!! I spoke to the Holy Spirit in tongues that were unending..I rebuked the enemy, I know that the enemy does not want me to minister to anyone so it will try to destroy me..I put my hand on his head and wouldn't stop. I have come so far in the Father that nothing will stop me now..anyway his migraine stopped in the tracks. He was able to go to the bathroom without blood! Praise God!

Now is it cleared up? No he can't go now at all and the blood has come back. But, I know that my Father does not give us things that we cannot handle. He will sustain Mike and I no matter what the problem. Don't forget he is on major narcotics for his pain so if anything is really wrong, the narcotics may be masking it..I won't think the worst because that is living in fear and distrust. I refuse to be that person any longer!!

Have we argued..beyond a shadow of a doubt..why..because he is a man, and men are scared of sickness..I also live with a man who saw half of his family die to cancer. I think what is really bothering me is that he can't explain why he is not trusting the way he should?! I am a woman who is on a war path. I am a friend of JESUS, which started this posting in the first place. Where is went off is another..JESUS IS IN CONTROL!!

So our next decision is to either take him to the ER tonight or to continue to pray and expect God to heal him. I know he is going to take care of it no matter what it is, I just need wisdom from God. When Solomon asked God for whatever he wanted, all he wanted was wisdom. I could use a dose right now. He is not urinating at this moment and he needs to..so ladies, whoever sees this pray to God that he will relieve him, sustain him, lift him up, and show him there is no other God but the Father!!

I Love You ALL

JnL4God said...

My husband and I are praying for you and your family. Keep Strong, keep up the faith. You're on the right track just don't get weary in well doing, don't let boubt creep in and we are praying for your husbands eyes to be opened and his words to line up with the will and words of God.
Loves and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father hear our prayers for Mike & Donna. Be real to them both right now Lord. Let them feel the peace that only you provide. Guide their thoughts and show them what you want them to do. You are the almighty physician and all power is in you and we want to acknowledge that you are in control. We love you Lord as a friend, protector, provider, lover, and as abba Father. Thank you Lord for what you are about to do in Mike & Donnas lives. Amen

AliceE. said...

Donna, Don't give up your faith. The Bible says we can tell Satan to flee in the name of Jesus and he has to go. Father, I ask that you break the stronghold that has been placed on Mike and I say to satan, leave Mike and Donna alone. Flee in the name of Jesus.
As I typed this prayer I prayed it aloud. A previous pastor we had told us that satan cannot read your mind but he can put thoughts into your mine. That's why we need to pray aloud sometimes. Keep on resisting the enemy, you and Mike are covered by the blood of Jesus and satan cannot cross that blood line. God is so good. Even in distance we can pray for one another. This whole study is so awesome. The things that people are releasing and we as the body of Christ are reaching out to help one another. Is that not awesome? God is so good. Praise God for His love that surrounds us all even in distance.
To God be the Glory!

AliceE. said...

Donna, I know I just sent you a comment but when I re-read what you wrote me something stood out to me. You mentioned the narcotic he is on. Check the side effects for the medicine. I have had so many reactions to medicine that I am very cautious about what I take and always read the side effects before taking anything, in fact one time I asked for only a few pills to see how my body would react. When I had the 5th surgery on my neck in 1999 they gave me Demoral and my husband said I went out like a light. He even called the girls back to the hospital because he thought I was dead. But it was not my time to go so God worked through the crash team and brought me back. Last May when I had the back surgery, the same thing happened again. Everyone had left but my neice when the nurse came in and gave me a shot. She said my lips turned purple and called the nurse back. Again God was not ready for me and spared my life. All my doctors now know not to give me morphine nor demeral.
Just a suggestion to check his medicine.

SweatPea said...

Donna, I believe sometimes God calls us to have faith and believe in place where others lack the faith and belief. Continue to pray for God's healing, for His intervention, and for your husband's ability to trust and believe. I believe in mostly the power of prayer but I also believe in the power of positive thinking. The enemy wants to defeat us with negative and doomed thinking. Regardless of this outcome, God IS in control and worrying will NOT make it go away nor will worrying CURE him. Maybe you could approach Mike with the attitude of "what do you have to lose to believe and trust our Father?" Seriously, what do we have to lose...nothing but we can and will gain SO much. I believe God honors our faith and trust in ways we never expect.

In Him,

christel said...

hi Donna
just want to let you know you are in my prayers. Stay focus and keep the fire burning. It will work itself out.

"Our lord,we belong to you. We tell you what worries us and you wont let us fall". Psalm 55:22

SKY4KAT said...

If your husband is still having difficulty urinating and he has blood in his urine, you need to see the Dr. Just because you trust in Jesus to heal does not mean that Jesus can't heal your husband through the skill of medicine and treatments. You mentioned possible prostrate problems, has he been seen by the Dr?
Continue to trust in our Father God, stand strong in the Lord.
Cancer, surgery and hospitals can all be frightening but problems that are ignored and not treated quickly can become more serious. I pray for God to give you and your husband the wisdom in choices that need to be made.
God protect you and keep you strong and lifted up.
Bless you,

fivedesigns said...

Hi Ladies..

Before I go on I have to say this..I absolutely believe in the power of prayer AND doctors. That is why we have doctors because they are Gods mediator's. I don't believe in prayer without going to them also..I just wanted you all to know that..I didn't want anyone to think I won't take him because of his stupidity!! WE ARE going to the doctor whether he is kicking or screaming I'm taking him no matter what..

So here is another miracle. He is now facing that fact that Gos is in control!! Praise God! He cannot live with a woman who is completely involved in Bible Studies, who gives other woman spiritual advice, and who is a ministers daughter. He cannot turn his back on Jesus because he feels abandoned due to being ill. He now knows it and is willing to face whatever is ahead of him..that is the biggest first step and I thank the Father for that as well as all of you for praying...Paula, don't worry that I may be worrying..I'm not and for the first time in many months I am not worrying about a thing!

Why do you think I picked "Our Friendship with Jesus"? When we have that friendship we not only turn to Him in every way but, we have such a wonderful peace when things are not always good or going the right way..I have learned this the hard way.

Listen I feel that we are friends and that I can tell you secrets that are okay to tell since they are needed to be told for healing. I am healed so I don't want anyone who will read this to think I haven't gone through a lot of counseling. The reason why my ex-husband went to prison was, he committed a sexual act on a close relative..Now for me to share that with people I don't know is great for me. I went through a lot with myself and that person. I was hurt not only in the normal hurting ways, but I had to learn to lean on the Father for EVERYTHING and I mean everything!! My finances, my raising my 3 babies, my mental health, my guilt beyond any other guilt..you name it I went through it.

When I tell you that I grew..I can honestly tell you I did. Jesus was my whole being and without Him there was no Donna. So when I speak to all of you, and hopefully I am ministering in ways that you are receiving, I do mean that I have lived the life. When I married Mike he was my knight in shining armor, so when I feel like the enemy is attacking me with his health, it makes me so angry!! I went through hell and back because of my ex. The enemy is not going to take my husband now!!

I am okay and I love to talk to woman who are abused, single moms and have had similar things happen in their lives. If any of you feel like you need to talk on a personal level, feel free to contact me via my e-mail MandDplus5@yahoo.com

It is a hard thing, sexual acts of hate. But Jesus knew what was going to happen before it did and I praise Him daily for the things that made me grow through it. It happened in 1987 and I promise you I thank Him every day for His allowing me to be a responsible mother and woman who lives for the Lord. It hasn't always been rosey for the last 20 years but he has sustained me.

I Love you guys and feel free to be open if you have any questions.
Love Donna

p.s. Alicee Mikes' side effects from the methodone aren't any of these. What he takes would make any person sleep for 48 hours :)..but I appreciate your concerns..everyone of you

riverview said...

Donna, Thank you so much for your sweet emails. I have been keeping up with your blog and my prayers are with you, Mike and the children.

You are presenting such a stronghold against the enemy with the spiritual warfare that is going on in your life. I know that you are well aware of the destruction he is trying to cause in your life because of your relationship with our Lord and Savior. Through you words I can feel the intensity of your battle as well as your strong determination to win. I can also feel you rising above him in victory.

You are a very strong and loving child of Christ. You are so devoted and obedient to Him, there is no way that the enemy will overtake you. As you stated, and we all know is a true fact, the closer you get to Jesus the harder Satan works to breakup that relationship. It is killing him that you are such a strong warrior. I have faith that you will only become stronger and God will give you the words and the strength to continue in this seeming endless struggle that you are experiencing.

Dealing with a sick man is stress enough, let alone the problems that are coming against you at work. To a man, prostate problems are the worst thing imaginable. The thought of losing their virility is terrifying to them. My brother had prostate surgery several years ago. He had numerous complications, however he has made remarkable improvement over the years and is doing very well now.

It seems that your job is giving you far too much grief and stife. Perhaps you could keep an eye out for another, you most definitely do not need that added to your already full agenda.

Again, my prayers are with you and yours.

God bless you Donna.

Karyl <*////><

riverview said...
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SweatPea said...

I guess in my hurriedness I wasn't clear in my thoughts. The not worrying was directed toward Mike as encouragement as from what you said he is the one worrying and not trusting the Lord.
Just wanted to clear that.

riverview said...

Donna, I am so sorry for your other hurts and pain. And, yes, I have been through the last one you posted also, so I can empathize with you completely. It takes a tremendous amount of strength and a lot of time to get through that one!

My continued prayers are with you, Mike & the children.



AliceE. said...

What a wonderful praise report. Sometimes it takes one step at a time but sounds like Mike is now ready to go to the doctor with faith in God. You are a very strong person and that encourages me. My husband and I battled spiritual warfare with our 2nd daughter for many years, even after she was married and had children. I just refused to let Satan have my daughter. God has been so real to us and answered a lot of prayers. I prayed that God would send her a husband who was very strong in his walk with the Lord. God answered that prayer. Five times he could have walked away and taken the children but God would not let him. They are doing great thanks to our wonderful Heavenly Father who would not give up on her and answered our prayers.
God bless you,

LaTonya said...

O heavenly father, I pray and agree with Donna that you will remove the spirit of fear that is trying to fill Mike's mind and fill it with the soundness, peacefulness, and your comfort. Give him courage to stand in this unfortunate situation. GOD I ask you to strengthen the family and cover them with your BLOOD. Jesus, in your mighty name, I ask that you heal Mike. You did it for me and I know you have no respect of persons, so I know you can also do it for him. GOD, I agree in prayer with Donna that All is well. Keep her mind stayed on you and send your angels to help her. Thank you for your will being done, Father. In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.
God bless you and your family, Donna!