Monday, March 31, 2008

This is for the men in our lives...

How many men in our lives have learned ways to protect themselves from emotions..if they have emotions they could be labeled "unmanly", right? They have perfected these ways..workaholism, alcoholism, money, power, a grant position at work or the community, TV, TV, and TV..that is my husband..or just ways that they deal with real issues of life, in ways we don't understand.

God has designed us with an inner need to move past the surface relationships. I have been knocking on my husband's heart lately saying, "Will you please come out? I need to know you on a much deeper level, and I need to know that you know me?! I need to know that you care for me on a deeper level. What is in your heart?" I don't know about your husband or loved one but I believe it is God's purpose for a woman, me and you, to bring that man out from his inner place of aloneness. That is where he hides from himself and others, and especially from God, Prov. 27:19

Aren't we continually confronted with what is in our hearts. Our heart is the deepest, most inner recess of our being, the place where all masks and pretensions are removed, this is the place where a real person dwells.

The Lord can give a woman insight and understanding. If she abides in the Holy Spirit, she can begin to trust that what is going in inside from the Lord! We need to exhibit a "gentle and quiet spirit" 1 peter 3:4. Believe me I have to watch myself on this one too. I have shared so much of my heart to all of you and I share insights with my husband. He on the other hand, does not share with me. That is why Peter wrote "not to be merely adorned on the outside, wearing gold or arranging your hair" How many times do we think that men will pay more attention to us if we do that?

We also have to watch ourselves too. If our husbands resist our efforts to share, we could become intimidated and retaliate. Then what happens..those words that were meant to bring forth life and restoration, can become deadly weapons. Then it further damages our already wounded heart. We have to have courage, using words responsibly, speaking with respect, even when we disagree. I did that with my boss, when he attacked me I didn't come back at him. We have to do the same with our husbands. In anger, we are not to sin, Eph 4:26. Speak the truth in love and bind mercy and truth around your neck so that we will "find favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man" Prov 3:3,4.

We are even ambassadors of Christ in our marriage. Submission, although men don't realize it, is initially for man's sake, to help him. Submission is knowing our purpose from God's viewpoint and then bringing our whole self to our husband for his good. A husband who has learned to trust his wife will gain courage to open up about the wounds and failures of the past. A man no longer needing to hide, is a man free to reach beyond himself to others.

Praise God..and women try to love them even when it's hard :)

God Bless

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Faith is trusting God when you cannot see through the fog...

Hi wonderful woman and maybe a guy or two :)

After looking back on this week I think today was the worst day at work ever! I have been searching the Lord so much these past few weeks..He has given me words for others..He has strengthened me in so many areas..I am trying to give up something that has been a hinderance for so long..but Jesus has been good..I am at peace. So what do you think the enemy did today?! He tried to beat me to a pulp! My boss came in and was on a war path from the minute he say me. Then 2 hours later, I had a co-worker put in information for something, which was put in wrong, so my boss said in an e-mail, "which one of you did the count wrong"? I told him my co-worker did. So he calls me and says "Is is done right?" I said "Yea no problem" He then says, "You really love to blame people don't you?" Excuse me..didn't you ask who put it in? He then calls me later and tells me I can't read because I put his fax number in wrong and whats wrong with my eye sight? Funny how he put his fax number in wrong the first place..and of course didn't apologize for screaming at me and being disrespectful!! As usual I went home and cried and felt like I was worthless, very human huh!?

Now..what is the enemy trying to do ladies..I think "it" is saying, "Wait a minute, Donna is giving words to women, shes bringing encouragement, I do not want this, they're hurting, I have them just where I want them..Donna's got to suffer...So, what should we do...I think..continue to speak words of encouragement, stop dealing with fear, laugh in the face of adversity and bring everything to the throne!! Amen!

Yes, I was upset but I will not allow the enemy to come between me and God, nor the words that I have for others! What does it say in 2 Tim 1:7 "FOR GOD has not given us (me) a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND" So many of us are plagued by fears of all kinds( mine is probably loosing my job because my boss lost his mind!!) They have fear of failure, financial loss, or even fear of what can happen tomorrow. Rejection (my biggest devil!), disapproval, being left out, being unloved or ignored. Accidents, disease, death for their loved ones, the list can go on and on.

It seems like Timothy probably struggled with the problem of fear, he was young and didn't know any better. We may feel intimidated because we are woman, or because we may feel a lack of certain things. What I mean by that is if we've not been brought up as a christian, we may fear we don't know a lot about Jesus or the Bible. We may even feel a fear of job skills (me) or maybe we don't feel pretty. Have I touched on just about everything a woman feels? But Paul who was Timothy's mentor wrote to remind him that the remedy for such intimidation was for him to stir up or rekindle the spiritual gift that was in him (2 Tim 1:6). I think its good for us as woman too!

This gift gives us power, love and a sound mind..that is completely opposite fear. The thing though we need to do is embrace this gift, stir it up, and remain focused on what God says instead of listening to the sickening voice of the enemy. One time while I was praying, actually more than once, I heard a voice in my mind saying.."What makes you think praying will change anything? He will never change!!" What do you think happened next, my focus shifted from God, to my shortcomings and a sense of inadequacy. Everyone can be intimidated by a sick voice without realizing it!

I immediately realized it wasn't the Holy Spirit. How dare the enemy interrupt my praying!! If that happens to you, like it happened to me, you have to declare aloud "Satan, the word of God says the "fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16), and I am righteous because of Jesus. I choose to believe what God says, therefore, my prayer is effective. I refuse to listen to YOU"! We have to ask God to help us recognize the enemy's voice and never give it time to fester in your mind.

Keep the fire of the Holy Spirit stirred up in you and use the word of God so you can resist the enemy..then you can make good judgement calls, self control, and make right decisions for yourself and loved ones. If God is for you..who can be against you!! Praise God! He is good!
Love Donna

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rest for us stressed woman!!

I have been reading all of the posts on here as well as on Rachel O's. I remember when I started this I wanted to include a lot of other different things dealing with crafting, sewing, women, family, etc. I just feel right now a lot of woman are hurting and they are dealing with strength for themselves and husbands or trusting for God in all areas..whether medical or I just had to give a word or two for someone (or many :)

How many of us ask our family for things for Mothers Day. If we're young and have babies, we ask for "A good night's sleep" right? Hebrews 4:9-11 puts before us that promise of an elusive treasure so many stressed women, mothers or not, just dream about--rest. This passage speaks about rest in a different way, not necessarily physical. Previous verses in the 4th Chapter of Hebrews refers to Gods anger against Israel because they refused, because of their unbelief, to enter and possess the land God had promised them. So God declared they would not enter the rest He had prepared.

Today, because of the Lords provision for us, we've the opportunity to enter into His rest--a place of complete and utter dependence on Him. The problem is we try managing life's responsibilities and pressures on our own, rather than receiving that place of rest available to us by His grace.

Have you ever climbed a hill and wanted to find a place of solitude for yourself, to sit with the Lord and just absorb His grace? I remember at womans retreats we always did that just to find that solitude. When you find that place look around and compare the majesty of God's creation that surrounds you, maybe your problem doesn't seem so enormous after all. I've done it and believe me in everything that has been attacking me in the last couple of weeks I truly know, God is bigger than anything I have. When I prayed, the Holy Spirit reminds me of the Lords words: "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you yoke is easy and My burden is light" Matt. 11:28 and 30.

Sometimes our burden that we carry is of our own making and sometimes it's so hard to let go that God is the only one we can turn to. Repent of your lack of trust in His promises. Leave your burden in the woods where you prayed or in your "prayer closet". Wherever you do leave it, don't carry it back. Turn your back on it and energize yourself with new faith. A great sense of rest and tranquility will come to your spirit. I urge you to put away the weight of all these tasks you are trying to fulfill in your own strength. I know you have responsibilities..whether it's your children or husband..or job..I know, because I too have them. But putting your trust in God and receiving His strength for the doing of those things will give you a great sense of rest. This is HIS WILL for you today! Amen

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1 Peter 5:8, 9 ..this had to be said tonight

Declares, "be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about lie a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world".

I felt that each one of you reading this needs to read more of encouraging words as well as scriptures. When we understand godly principles it will help us live a victorious lifestyle that will ultimately affect how successful we are at resisting the devil. When we compromise our integrity, we are making a declaration that minimizes our spiritual authority. What does Satan and night, he studies whop he can ensnare. In 1 Peter 5:8,9 he identifies "him" as a "roaring lion" to communicate to us that "he" is strong, cruel, destructive, and a pursuer of souls. We can't take "him" lightly and think that we can fool "him". We're to be sober and vigilant, meaning not to be careless, but suspicious of constant danger from the adversary. All necessary virtues at all times.

Usually the first dart that the enemy attacks you with is deception. Then "he" tries to get you to compromise in some area in your life. The final result of these 2 areas, deception and compromise, will be feeling oppressed. If we continue living in this state of deception, we'll wind up in bondage. Living for that deception. Don't you think we should ask ourselves each day, "What way is the devil trying to deceive me today?" If you feel you have compromised in an area and have any feeling of oppression, you need to question where you were first deceived. These are darts that are penetrating the mind! We must renew our minds with the cleansing Word of God, this helps discern between truth and deception.

So the word tells us that the enemy walks about seeking whom he wants to devour, right? His whole being or ways, whatever, is to devour and destroy souls, right? So what is the most preferred target...our faith!! If "he" can weaken our faith, and even destroy it, "he" knows that we will be be able to please God. What does it say in the word, "without faith, its impossible to please Him" Hebrews 11:6. Each day we decide whether or not to please the Lord. Our choices affect our testimony, and also lets the enemy know where you stand with Jesus.

Seek the Lord in prayer..declare His promises over your life and your family..God has a specific purpose for you in His Kingdom. We are chosen vessels that He wants to use. All we have to do is yield to Him today...I felt from everyone that has been hurting that this needed to be said. God Bless all of you that needs a word today and take it for yourself.

My sewing habit is starting up big!!

Have you ever gotten into such a habit to do your craft that you're just looking for more to do? When I was a younger mom and all my kids were home. The twins were babies and the older 3 were in grade school, I just had to do something. Well I put an ad in the local paper and started to make baby quilts, dolls, etc. Soon I had everyone and their "mother" calling me to do sewing for them. I made quilts until 3 am! I just couldn't stop....I feel like that now..I want to do what God has given me as a gift. Its the same as when someone is hurting, God gives me words to speak to someone or everyone and I just can't stop! I look in my Bible and find scriptures and it is either for someone special or ME..

We all want to help one another, but sometimes its for yourself too. God can be speaking to you even when you have a word for another. I found that out today.."We need to turn everything off and turn Him on...He wants us to seek Him" So as we are seeking Him for everyone else, He could be using that to reach ourselves....

Well I hope you are all getting something from each posting. From sewing to speaking with the Lord..Spring is here and it's all about new beginnings. From a cocoon to a butterfly...Lets all emerge from the darkness of our lives to the newness of the ONE...
God Bless

Monday, March 24, 2008

All the Easter pictures are taken...

Well as you can see I did not accomplish my other dress :(...I was very upset..but alas I have a bunch of pictures I downloaded of a 1959 jacket and you like? I made it from pattern #8939 Butterick circa, I would say 1957-59. I found it online as well as the material. I put a strip of ribbon on the bottom of the skirt and a butterfly broach on the jacket.

Like I said on my last posting I just couldn't finish the jacket so I found this laying around halfway done and figured I could make it work. I finished it Saturday night and put it on and found out I had to loose 5 lbs in 1 night. Well I didn't, but I sucked it in very well, and I am truly happy, My husband hates the picture of him but if I don't get one I never will. Give me feedback and let me know how you like exchanging ideas, hurts from one another, crafts and prayers. I think I am doing a pretty good job reaching all of you. Please continue to post!

One more thing. Dr. Stanley, at church on Sunday, said if we don't believe in the resurrection then we cannot believe in Him or His death. The disciples believed everything Jesus told them but when He died, He had to prove that He was alive. We need to go out to our neighbors and friends and tell them "Jesus is alive"! I believe I am here for this crazy little blog and reaching so many woman, just like Rachel is, all over the country, so we can get together, pray, for one another, and sharing the good news. I have one lady from South Africa, I am thrilled! I just want to leave with one prayer for all of us...Lord, Let us learn to depend on you and you alone for everything in our lives. Even when we feel that we are at the end, whether its because of divorce or other hardships..YOU are in control, YOU are soverign, WE are your Brides. Help us remember how the disciples believed yet when you rose they forgot everything you told them. Don't let us forget...ever. WE are children of the almighty, let us remember that Whatever is true, whatever is noble...let us dwell on these things only...Lets just come to "Daddy" and let Him take over!
God Bless you all, see you later. Hope you like the pictures....:)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Can you believe that spring is here and Easter is in 2 days!! I am so excited and not for candy or hats or eggs or leg of lamb....I am excited because Jesus rose for our sins and that is why we have Easter!! What is a better holiday than Easter? None as far as I'm concerned...we celebrate Christmas for the day Jesus was born but what is far more exciting for a christian than Easter Sunday! The day Jesus rose again! This is the most glorious day ever and I can't wait for sunrise to worship the Lord +

Okay now as far as the dress...I am ashamed that I am finished it but I am having problems with the jacket.. so I found another skirt and jacket that I started last year in pink, circa 1959, and we will be wearing this. Mind you it is pretty close to the pattern but the material that I started with this pattern, is falling apart and I just don't have the time or money to buy different material and start again. I tried the dress on last night and without the jacket it just isn't the same. This jacket and skirt is a hotter pink but really nice. Of course the waist is really snug..I must of gained about 1 inch to my waist in a year or 2. Isn't it amazing how we don't see the pounds sneaking up on us :)

I promise to take a picture of it on me and a picture of the other unfinished dress so you can all see it. I did take a picture of them without me in the picture so I will show you those tomorrow. Thank you all for posting comments, I love them all, please continue.

Until tomorrow..tonight has been kept a night!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its right here!

As usual I write before I think..the pattern is right here, not at the bottom :)



Sewing for Easter!!

Hey everyone..I found a great slideshow of pictures, CRAFTS, the one thing I love to do! I also finally got comments from Dana..thanks Dana, at least I know someone is looking. I know you also have a post, just keeping working on it and it will get around just like Rachels did, I mean look at all of us, we're all posting to it and she must have over 500 comments on the Bible Study!

Hope you can all see this font color..anyway. This is the color of my dress that I'm making and this is the color of the accent color for the lapels and cuffs. I am actually going to try and find the pattern and put it on my site so everyone can see it. It is probably circa 1957, Butterick #6725, and at that time it only cost .50 cents! Can you believe how much patterns cost these days! Some like Vogue can actually cost over $25 and for what, paper! It's so fragile it usually ripes anyway. Well I am wearing this gorgeous dress with the jacket, a fabric colored belt, and wearing gloves also. White of course. Unfortunately Easter here in Atlanta, may be raining, but I will wear the colors with ultimate pride because there is nothing better than wearing something you made yourself. Remember that when you say you can't find anything to wear. Make it yourself. When I put this online as a photo the pattern and the material were all purchased on Ebay. I love shopping on Ebay for patterns and material, fun, fun!! Okay I gotta finish this thing. I'll post tonight hopefully with the dress completed to show you all.
God Bless you all,

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's St Patty's Day..

I'm keeping it short today because I am running late for work! As you can tell I am Irish from my husband's side and from England on my side, born there! Anyway Happy St Patty's Day..Have a good day..and I will post later!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tips for great sewing..

I wasn't sure how to title this. I love to sew. I mean I am obsessed, and as soon as I figure how to complete this blog I will show you my patterns. I have a list of movies and I forgot to write "Far from Heaven". Okay, so it's not much of a movie but I love the styles of the 50's clothing and era. I love the way the 50's were so crisp with everything worn. The gloves with every jacket and skirt. The cocktail parties that everyone went to. The table settings, flatware, etc. The hat's that you cannot find now unless you go onto Ebay, and then you have to outbid everyone.

So, I started becoming intrigued when I "surfed" on Ebay and just could not resist the patterns from that era. Anyway, so I started collecting all patterns back in '02 on Ebay, when it wasn't so over rated. I got patterns for a song and dance.! I made a lot of items because I also bought the material on Ebay. Which I knew what would look great with the patterns. I would sew nightly, sometimes till 3 am and would wear whatever I made the next day.

Everyone needs a hobby or at least an escape. A love for writing, knitting (I also love to do), turning nothing into something..I have always loved to create. I remember in 5th grade when a substitute teacher was showing the class how to create a project for our Moms. Well I came in late for some reason, they were probably on step 3, I completely bypassed step 1 thru 3 and did the whole project by myself. I love that part in me. I hate the part in me that hasn't made a real living out of it. I became an Interior Designer and I worked hard at it, my problems seem to be that I get bored at jobs and either quit or move onto something else. I went to art school and I wanted to make a living doing it. I actually wanted to try out for Project Runway. I'm afraid of failing and thats why I quit. The funny thing is I didn't fail at my Interior Design job, I did great. I just wanted my business and that didn't happen so I went on to other things. It's a process and I work on it by doing things on the side.

My whole reason for this was a tip wasn't it... I guess if you want to sew or do any designing what so ever, please do something out of the usual. Bid on Ebay for something you wouldn't do before. Find the material you see on an old Bette David movie. You will find it and if you want that fabulous outfit for that fabulous cocktail party..give it to me and I will make you the hottest outfit you've ever worn..See you tomorrow

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My first entry..its about me..

Hi to all...strange to all of you that are blog savvy! I am not but want to be. I do write posts for other blogs but I figured out tonight that it's about time I write about what I love, have done, am doing and what I'm gonna do. Does that make sense? Anyway, my name is Donna McGuinness. I am married to a wonderful man that is disabled right now. How? Well lets say don't have back surgeries they don't always work. I have 5 beautiful children. Sean is 24, and he'll be 25 in June. Ashley is 23, just turned it. Katherine is 20 and, gosh will be 21 in June! Then I have a set of girl twins, Casey and Courtney, 14. They keep me running now more than they did when they were young! I miss the older kids not living at home. They were my "helpers", the times I needed to escape I would and they were there to watch and play with the seems so long ago.

I want to write daily so I don't want to write everything in the first entry...but I am a survivor, an artist, a confident, I love the Lord and I hope to meet a lot of people through this. I want friends, and ones that will listen and talk too.

Also I am a crazed crafter, sewer, knitter and all over..ya know start a project and never finish? I may from time to time put projects on line as well as vintage patterns. You name it I may have it to sell or share. So let me know.
God Bless, until tomorrow..because "tomorrow is another day"