Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My sewing habit is starting up big!!

Have you ever gotten into such a habit to do your craft that you're just looking for more to do? When I was a younger mom and all my kids were home. The twins were babies and the older 3 were in grade school, I just had to do something. Well I put an ad in the local paper and started to make baby quilts, dolls, etc. Soon I had everyone and their "mother" calling me to do sewing for them. I made quilts until 3 am! I just couldn't stop....I feel like that now..I want to do what God has given me as a gift. Its the same as when someone is hurting, God gives me words to speak to someone or everyone and I just can't stop! I look in my Bible and find scriptures and it is either for someone special or ME..

We all want to help one another, but sometimes its for yourself too. God can be speaking to you even when you have a word for another. I found that out today.."We need to turn everything off and turn Him on...He wants us to seek Him" So as we are seeking Him for everyone else, He could be using that to reach ourselves....

Well I hope you are all getting something from each posting. From sewing to speaking with the Lord..Spring is here and it's all about new beginnings. From a cocoon to a butterfly...Lets all emerge from the darkness of our lives to the newness of the ONE...
God Bless


Plant Lady said...


I read what you wrote on Rachel's blog and I think it is right on. The enemy is attacking all of us it seems. Thank you for your remarks on my blog today. You see, satan does not want me to finish my story on the deliverance I had from worry. He is trying to discredit what God has done in my life. But, news for him, with the Lord's help and your prayers, I will try to continue.

Please, if you have the time, come to my blog for a little while. I need your encouragement. It helps to know I am not alone in my trials.

Plant Lady

fivedesigns said...

I wrote this in your blog too, I feel someone else needs it too...
You need encouragement for something that I deal with daily..Yes I to deal with worry..worry to the point that my kids tell me to stop crying. I am so great in giving encouragement because I know what to do because the Lord has shown me so many things and done so many things. Well the worst thing in my life is worry also. We all face it..the problem is when we dwell on you have and also becomes an idol. An idol is a form of so many things, drink, drugs, porn, etc. But the things that take over us the most are the items we least expect to be idols. Worry is the biggest! My mom would always talk about faith with me and there she would go "what are you going to do, you don't have the rent?" etc. I would then say in my heart, "yea shes got faith". I am confessing that I worry also because if I preached to you about it without confessing it then I too would be sinning.

The Lord has used me lately for encouragement as well as my testimony. I truly have asked for this ministry and I truly believe I have it, Praise God! I have to trust without worry just like you do. I do not have a dime, seriously, a dime until Friday. My daughter has to go on a trip and we don't have anything to give her. I feel horrible in my spirit and my kids are angry. "You never have anything.." Now I could cry (which I did) but that doesn't help, or I can ask the Lord to deliver me from this. You and I know it's the enemy and you know why it's the enemy? He has seen me , you, Sweetpea, and many others reaching out to each other. We are breaking through, we are learning through the scriptures and if it hadn't been for Rachel none of us would be hearing from each other.

Satan wants us to stay in worry and fear. The children of Israel were in fear and worry Exodus 3.
But in Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God" great is that..when you are still your personal walk becomes greater. He wants a personal walk without fear and without worry. He knows our circumstances, as well as He knows your pain when you worry. Give God praise in all circumstances, surrender your emotions to God. We always say,"But, but.."Satan wants us to live in emotions. It may look to you and I that God has abandoned us but HE IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL!! Allow the word of God to be your guide. The word of God is a lamp unto my feet. Keep your focus on HIM. We have to have an absolute daily surrender to HIM. And lastly, we have to have a passion to obey God in everything 2 Thess 1

I don't think I can say anything else except keep believing, obeying and trusting. This was good for you as it is for me.
Praise God!!