Thursday, July 16, 2009

The U.S. is it free anymore???

I'm getting so tired of turning on the tv and everything I see is bad what should I do turn it off?! Well I do that too but think about it...we need to see what the United States of America is coming to....less than 35 miles from me at Lake Altoona, GA people are now living in tents because they are unemployed! Couples, men and woman like you and me are living in tents with children that used to go to a school in a neighborhood because their Mom or Dad had a job, and now they don't!!

Is this the United States or is this a 3rd world country? Over 1.8 trillion dollars are being spent on nationalizing health care. In the next day or two a vote in the house will determine how bankrupt this country is going to be....think about it, we are going to bankrupt this nation with insurance that will be like Canada and England. I lived in England remember? If people had an important health issue there was a waiting list, it isn't free in the end! Why am I bringing this up? Because we will spend the money on this, 68% of the people surveyed do not want government to make their choices in life. Government wants to do this but they don't want to help our children live in homes, help their parents get a job, eliminate the recession with real jobs not just jobs that will help the highways or construction or make jobs that you have to go back to school!! That isn't creating thats doing it the way the President wants it done!

If we don't start praying for our nation and this man who we voted into that job because a bunch of people thought he was the second coming, then we are going to see this land disappear for the way we knew it! I may be standing on my soap box but I'm so angry at this that I just wanted to talk about it.

I have more experience in my little finger for jobs that I go and interview for and who gets them? Kids out of HS or kids in college or kids who just graduated college! What is happening! Do you want "children" to help you or do you want people who are in their prime? I don't get it anymore, I need help understanding that this country we came to from England back in June of 1968, this country that I call home....where is it....why are so many of our citizens leaving it to move to other countries?

"Lord, we need your help with our children, we need help with our land, we need your help with our President, we know you have a plan and we don't see it right now but Father if we don't cry out to You for our land then it will no longer be ours and Your ears will be silent....."

God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America

Friday, July 10, 2009

My new biz opp so plz read! :-)

What happens most of the time when people introduce a biz opportunity..well they scatter, right? Well this is not the usual one. It is exciting and I want to tell you about it. PPL or Pre Paid Legal with Identity Theft Shield is something we all need. Answer these questions: Do you have a spouse? Have children? Children at home? Or teenage drivers? And who has college-age students? How many don't yet have a will? I have now created a need for all of you who have answered these questions.
  • Pre-Paid Legal is a preventive legal service that covers an abundant amount of things that would cost you thousands of dollars if paid by the hour. It covers legal consultation and advice. Call an attorney for legal advice on everyday issues as well as important decisions, without any bill in the mail.
  • Letters and Phone calls, get a letter written or a phone call made on your behalf for any subject matter.
  • Contract & Document review. Your provider law firm will review an unlimited number of personal documents for you, up to 10 pages each.
  • WILL Preparation, your membership provides you with a standard will that meets most American's needs with yearly reviews and updates at no added charge.
  • Motor Vehicle Legal Services, your provider law firm will assist you or your covered family members with moving traffic violations at no add'l cost to you. Also up to 2.5 hrs for help with damage recovery service, driver's license assistance, personal injury legal expenses.
  • Trial Defense Services, up to 60 hrs of attorney time, of those hours 16.0 hrs may be used for all legal services rendered in defense of the covered suit prior to actual trial.
  • IRS Audit Legal Services, up to 50 hrs of attorney time.
  • When you call your provider law firm they will call back within 4 hrs. Day or night, guaranteed!
With all that legal help we also add on Identity theft protection. Not only a free credit report as other sites tell you but if anything illegal is happening to your identity we will immediately contact you. That is called continuous monitoring, which is essential to discovering if your credit file has been accessed to open new accounts, if late payment notations are added, or collection notices have been filed. If not initiated by you, any of these actions can indicate a potential identity theft. I joined for this reason only! I was one of those victims of identity theft. Also Identify restoration. That means that licensed investigators will work to correct damages caused by identity theft. FYI: If someone steals your identity and no actions is taken you can have serious problems when you try to get a loan, a credit card, or during other types of financial transactions.

All of this for $26.95 a month, and there is no contract to sign, it is month to month. So if you don't think this is right for you, cancel!! The opportunity is great especially in this day and age of constant stealing our identity and when we need legal help and can't afford it!

Now I not only want to give you this product but I also offer a great opp for you to make money and if you want to do what I am doing it won't cost you anything. I don't want to sound like a salesperson at all, but I will pay for the $49 to sign up to have a biz and make money by selling the PPL and Identity Theft package. I am not a stupid woman and I don't sell anything I don't believe in so think about it and if you need any questions answered please contact me by email love you all and I wish you all well..please visit the web site also at

God Bless

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 4th with fabric!

July 4th fabric & vintage looks

I wanted to type a quick post on July 4th. There are so many things out there displaying the hoilday. The tacky looks, the flags hanging from the homes, the quilts that cover our beds and all the crazy items we carry to the picnics.

I wasn't sure how to approach this post since I hate wearing a "Martha Washington" costume or looking like my house is draped in massive amounts of crazy red, white and blue! So I found what I think are classic looks from the American past, and what I believe inspires us.

This is a stunning example of workmanship. I actually was surfing online and found this under July 4th, I have no history on it, yet I do know it is probably authentic and was probably pieced together in the late 1800's. Many items were done back then with fabric pieced so carefully to survive hundreds of years later. I just was very inspired by it. The piece screams patriotism!

I then went and found various ways to use fabric in a patriotic way, not necessarily displaying the "screaming at you July 4th", but in a way that you can tell, very patriotic.1204359934178080_1
So I may not have found the perfect July 4th look to wear and I have never made that perfect inspirational outfit either, but I did find items that inspire me. They will always be "Fashion News" in their own way. I'm sure if the pioneers ever saw our posts they would say, "Every item in our closet and on our beds are refashioned, we take fabric from everywhere and make treasures".

So Happy 4th of July for all of us whether we are Americans, Brits, from New Zealand, or Australia. We are all free and that is what the hoilday means. Have a wonderful day refashioning every look you see!

I also wanted all of us to remember that God is in complete control of our country and in these times of economic difficulties, HE IS IN CONTROL!!! It's been hard for me since I lost my job but I also have to believe the job Jesus wants me to have is there! So God Bless America and we need to continue to pray for this country!
Love Donna