Monday, May 19, 2008

What Impact am I making on my Children...

Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Okay here's the painting that I cannot get any larger!! I took it with my T-Mobile Phone and it looks like a postage stamp! My husband is going to take it later because I want you all to see the is really beautiful..if I must say so myself..God really brought it out the way I wanted it..I am so grateful for all the talent that He gave me, it's from the Lord, not me and I thank Him daily for it...

Anyway..I have not been writing lately because I have been sick as a dog! I cannot get over this bronchitis. The problem is last year I had pneumonia and I don't want it again!! So please pray for me I need this gone. I am going to be ministering in Panama City to High School kids and I leave June 4 thru the 8th. This is going to be a real test and I plan on having kids see what the Lord is really like through my eyes and their's. My girls are going but I am counseling HS Juniors, it's not so bad..they are good ones and Dr. Stanley's team won't allow any nonsense...

So that is why I wrote the title "What impact am I having...On Mothers Day, Dr. Stanley talked about his mother and the impact she had on him as he was growing up. I realized that I want my children to feel the same way and I truly believe that my mother was so much like her I wanted to write it in my own words for my mom and myself...

2 Tim 1:5 (actually before verse 5) "Every time I say your name in prayer....I thank God for you...I miss you a lot, especially when I remember the last tearful goodbye....that precious memory triggers another: your honest faith-and what a rich faith it is, handed down from your grandmother Lois to your mother Eunice..." The Message Bible. Every time I think of mothers and grandmothers I think of Paul writing to Timothy, even they were influenced by their care takers.

My Mom taught me to pray and read the Bible. She depended on God for everything. She became divorced from a minister in the late '70's. She never worked. When my father left her she had to use a check book and use a budget, never done before. She was placed in this situation exactly the way that I was from my first husband. God allows things like this to happen so we do rely on Him for everything. The point I need to make is: PRAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN!

Every night she knelt with my on her knees because that is where "we" must learn to talk and listen to God. She built a foundation for me to have a desire to ask Jesus into my heart at such an early age. Our children need to not only see us pray but they need to see us on our knees, we need to show reverence for our Heavenly Father, that is what He deserves.

My mother as well as myself trust Him for every need and desire. As much as it drove me nuts I never heard her say, "Poor me" She would say, " We're going to trust God". What would happen if we told our kids to trust the Lord instead of giving them a credit card or when they hear their parents say, "Lets get a loan at the bank.." Whatever excuse for not trusting is no excuse. I find myself saying, it's good to be in need so we can look back or presently saying, "We have a need...look to the Lord"!

She taught me to obey God as well as her. No reason.."because He is God" The degree that I disobeyed her was the way I was disciplined. She didn't hit me with her hand, that was for love. She used a switch, or a wooden spoon ;-) Or she would use a "Motherly Lecture".."I want you to grow up and be a good girl and a wonderful mother..." I think about it now and cry....She made decisions soley on what the will of God was. WHY DON'T WE DISCIPLINE OUR CHILDREN ANYMORE!! I know that most christian mothers do but what is happening to our society that we will go to jail if we discipline our is so wrong!! I also believe that too many parents are afraid and afraid of their child's rejection. Kids today have no sense of reverence for man or God. We as mothers and fathers are responsible for building this early in their lives!!

My mom, as well as myself, learned how to forgive others. She watched a horrible man abuse me and I watched my father emotional hurt her. I didn't know how she would react to my ex and his abuse, but she forgave him for what he did to me, as well as her. I in turn learned how to forgive also. She taught me to forgive. She was obedient to God no matter what..and that is what I want out of my life also. All through her life she had a power of persistence. She never gave up..she would get angry at me for quitting things in life so easily. She was like a "slow moving tank". She grew up in England in WWII so it taught her this early in life..when you are face with war you can't just say, "I quit living" She is now teaching me to stay..stay in jobs..if you get fired fine..but God doesn't want us to quit...He will work it all out..don't move onto other things, anything, until He tells you to. Don't operate on feelings!

Most of all my mom had a servants spirit! Lord knows I am working on that attribute! As a ministers wife she always wanted to help others and serve them too. She was raised one of 9 children, she knew what to do. As a youngster she was laying the groundwork for her future. She volunteered at a nursing home once a week to pray for the elderly...she was and is a prayer warrior if there ever was one!!! One Christmas she got food poisoning and still made dinner for everyone. She lived an orderly life. Me and my sisters would always know that before a holiday we would walk downstairs and the table would be set with every piece of silverware and the food was in the oven, at 10am!! Her home was spotless, she set her clothes out the night before, and always made our lunches the night before too. Remember in the 60's and 70's, the hankerchief? As a minister wife, she had a clean one to spit on it and wipe my face...did I hate that!! She always had an apron and never looked sloppy. "Whatever you're doing, look your best because you represent Jesus" My girls hear that weekly!!

She always taught me to be an encourager. Correct things by pointing to what is right. She always told me to just do my best..since I was an artist I didn't apply myself, but I did my best. That is what I tell my girls too. Both my parents encouraged me to do everything..and I did. Parents you need to encourage your kids. Rejection can begin with the parent.."Why didn't you do better" "Why didn't you hit the ball farther"..Our kids are raised by us, not their teachers..
She demonstrated how to love unconditionally. This has been helping me lately realizing how God loves us unconditionally too, if we don't know that how do we love at all? How do we show our children how to love? The Bible hasn't changed neither have the principles. When we practice them it's better for our kids and our next generation of kids.

We have what money can't buy and death cannot take away. Build into your children character and base them on principles from the word. If you and I do that we will have our next generation the best ever.

I Love You All

p.s. I just want to thank all of you for posting. Because I have been so sick I wasn't able to get online. LaTonya you are a beautiful person. Alice I praise God that He has healed you..thank you Jesus...for each and every one of you, my regulars and the ones who post once and a are a blessing to me. My mind is a complete blank but my last post said.."donna you are ministering because that is why your life is turning upside down..."I couldn't agree more..I sincerely mean this..without all of your prayers I wouldn't be able to write what I write nor pray the way I do for each of you..I love you!


GOD'S LADIE said...

Not only is your painting beautiful, but so are you Donna. Thanks for the compliment! I, too, was raised by a woman of GOD that I posted about on mother's day on my new blog (my first time blogging). I am so glad to see you are well. I agree with you in prayer that all is well with you. Healing is yours in JESUS' name. You will be in my prayers as you travel to the speak to the young people and I know that GOD will speak through you to impact those youth. The enemy is mad at you Donna. He is threatened by the POWER within you. GOD's holy power. Be blessed in HIS holy name,

Plant Lady said...

Glad to see that your back! I've missed you and all those wonderful posts. I hope you will soon be feeling better and be completely well! God is faithful to hear and answer prayer!

The painting is beautiful! God has blessed you with a great talent and I am glad to see that you use it as an encouragement to others.

Your trip to Panama City sounds exciting. I pray that God will bless your time there as you minister to the Juniors.

Take Care and God Bless,
Plant Lady

From the Heart said...

I agree with LaTonya, your painting is beautiful and what a wonderful post about your mother. I had a praying mother and a verabablly abusive dad. But in the end my dad gave his heart to Jesus. My mother was his Bible as he could not read.

Looks like the enemy is attacking several in this Bible study. I don't know if you read Sharon's post, but she was leaving to go into the hospital the day she posted. She could not keep anything down and she was having chest pains. After getting good news from the doctor I was attacked again with severe pain under my right rib cage but it moved down every day. Today it is completely gone. I refuse to let the enemy attack my body again. God is in control of all of us and the enemy cannot cross that blood line. Isaiah 60:19 says "...When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift up
a standard against him." May God bless you and heal you as His word says, " His stripes we ARE
healed." You are in my prayers.

From the Heart said...

Just stopped by to see how you are doing. I truly hope you are better, we miss you. If you get a chance check out my latest post on my blog.