Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Prayer of Jabez...

First I want to tell you some wonderful news in my life...We were supposed to have our income check sent to us on March 28..we received it March you tell me, was God involved in that or what. Ever since I started this blog..and in all honesty it was really for just talking..but it has turned into a ministry that has opened my eyes as well as others. Praise God! we got our check on Monday. First because my faith has increased with every turn of my hand..we didn't know how we were going to come up with $200 for the rent. Well we got the check and now that prayer was answered. Second, I have been in the Lords word every day for my job, for my family, for every woman that has left a prayer request on Rachels Bible Study, we received an extra $200 on top of the income check for nothing except a blessing from the Lord!! How wonderful and cool is God!!

I just want to tell you all that I have been suffering for about 6 months now..nothing to do with anything except me. I feel like I didn't open the word, I didn't have my quiet time, I didn't minister to others, I just was feeling sorry for myself, period. I know I said this on Rachel's line..I spoke to my Mom, the wonder of all christians, about 3 weeks ago, and she said, I was allowing the enemy to get to me. Plain and simple..the enemy was winning and I was allowing it..what was I doing!!!?? I was disgusted with myself. She told me to claim the victory and when I was on my own to speak in tongues quietly, because the enemy does not know our thoughts, I've ministered to you all about that. I did that. I did it every day and rebuked the enemy over and over. I prayer for all of you. I did my bible study. I opened the word. I gave others what I believed was what God wanted me to do. I typed so fast I knew God was involved in each and every key. I am truly in the word now and forever..don't get me wrong, I have always believed in the word, but this time was different. This time God was using me to get to others and give them encouragement each time.

Then my Mom sent me "The Prayer of Jabez", not like I didn't have the book, I did. But this time I adsorbed it, over and over. I have prayed that prayer over and over, 1 chronicles 4:9-10 " There was a man named Jabez who was more distinguished than any of his brothers. His mother names him Jabez, because his birth had been so painful. He was the one who prayed to the God of Israel, "Oh that you would bless me and extend my lands! Please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all trouble and pain! And God granted him his request!

I really truly hope you all know the Prayer of Jabez. In the version that I took it from was the New Living Translation, and where it says extend my lands, it says in other versions, oh that you would enlarge my territory! Now you tell me..has God enlarged my territory or what!! He has used me to minister to all of you as well as my family. He has been with me with my job and protected me, and He has blessed me exceedingly, more than I would ever have thought could happen in a long time. I am being used..and that is all I ever wanted. I want us to go over the Prayer of Jabez, maybe like a bible study. But if we don't get to do it I want all of you who read this to read 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 over and over each day. Do not leave a day out. We are children of God and He wants to bless His children over and over. He is the God of Israel, He is the God of Abraham and Issac. Yes we will have our issues, Yes we will have our troubles, but God has promised to deliver us from evil and a help in our times of troubles. Read it, absorb it and give me your postings. Without you I can't give back. I know God is blessing me and I can't wait for tomorrow!
Praise God~!


debrah said...

Donna- I am sorry but I did not read your blog...but I am here asking for prayer..there was a congregational meeting at my church this week-end and through the fall out -my husband and I have left the church...I don't know how to work through this and I am asking the Lord to show me. We are both in pain at this time. I thank you for your just a few days we lost so much...a friend from another church has offered to bring us to his church so that they can pray with us...we were not ready for that yet but I do know the danger of not being in fellowship and he agreed to contact us if we don't contact him soon...I haven't followed Rachel's study since the week-end and I am finding it hard to get in the word...we are in prayer...but God's word and fellowship are so necessary - yet aa I said I can't seem to go there...even though we were told we were welcome..we were not able to attend our weekly small group...This is still fresh and new...I pray that we will soon be in fellowship again...
Be Blessed

SweatPea said...

Though I haven't necessarily experienced exactly what you have. I can tell you that I recently left my home church of ten years. It was not for reasons as you described but rather because I needed to be in a church where I felt the Spirit and I felt more worshipful. I am so happy with the church I attend now. I look forward to it and never contemplate skipping. I feel so close to God in worship and feel His presence during the music and sermons. The sermons are so applicable and I learn from them. The preacher preaches and doesn't teach. I wanted to be preached to and not have a Bible study during the sermon.

I do feel I have suffered relationally. Though some of my dearest friends are at my home church and they have said they don't care where I attend...I feel their actions say differently. The phone calls, emails, visits, invites have all but dwindled to nothing. I personally don't understand that because since when are we just friends with those who attend OUR church. Rather, I think had I never attended church with them then it wouldn't be a problem. But since I have left THEIR church, I think there's a rift in our friendships. It's not convenient to invite me to lunch after church so they don't do it. The ironic thing is that I have and am continuing to go through the trial of my life and yet, I have been 'abandon' in every sense of the word by the friends I thought would see me through this trial. Instead they were an anchor in the beginning, then got tired of it, and I guess when I left the church that was the straw that broke the camels back and gave them an excuse to truly desert me.

At any rate, I have no idea if this helps or encourages you at all. I just felt led since I have had a change in churches and have SO richly been blessed by it while also feeling the desertion of friends and no longer "fitting in".

We don't know all the details but it is so important for you to stay close to God. If you can't be in His House right now until you determine where that is, it is so imperative that you be in His Word. Prayer is how we speak to God and His Word is how HE speaks to us. His Word will give you direction.

If you can't attend the church in which you were invited, maybe you can go to a totally different church, where you are not known and you won't be approached but yet you will be able to worship the Lord. Just let go of your pains and go whereever to worship the Lord. He will bless your efforts to put your feelings aside and stay focused on Him and make worshiping Him a priority. He will bless your sacrifice.

debrah said...

Sweetpea-thank you for your kind words, prayers and counsel. Thank you for sharing your experience. I just received a phone call from a friend who we were part of her small group and she wants us to continue being a part of the group. I am continuing to pray for the Lord to show me how to work through this...sorry I am not sharing details but that would mean speaking about thank God tonight I will be in His word and fellowship. Also we will more than likely accept our other friends offer to come to his church for fellowship, worship and prayer.
It is just so painful right now...but I believe that the Lord is at work through all this...
Our readings of some of the women who attempted to make God's promise come true in their time and their way speaks to some of what I am experiencing...only it is not women...if anything it was the women who spoke up and said Wait and Pray...and also something may be legal but not Christian way of doing things...and those in power speaking things in my mind they should not be speaking...
Again thank you...

fivedesigns said...

Okay..Sweatpea and beat me to my posting :) Thats great!! I love the way Debrah you felt you could ask me things and I love the way Sweatpea, leaving encouragement for Debrah. I am so sorry I so all this at work and I cannot post from there because of RULES!! Whatever!!

Debrah, listen..don't get caught up in the garbage that is in churches. Let me tell you something..I have been involved in 3 church breakups! I felt like something was wrong with me. Everytime we got settled in our church the enemy came in like a lion and poured either gossip into someone, which spread.. or all of a sudden out of the blue the pastor quits because his "flock: isn't big enough!

My Dad is a minister and was a pastor also, that was the first one. He wanted to go on the road and be an evangelist again. I was 14, then it happened again when I was 25, then another church I was 40. Infact, and this is not an exaggeration, my pastor in NJ, whose church was the best in the county and state, and was reaching so many people thru his words and music, is the father of "The Jonas Brothers", can you believe it! He left his church to manage his kids career! Is that worldly or what!! He said it was because of gossip, but I know and so do many others..that he left because of his kids. Not one of their songs is christian. I was on his worship team, he ministered to me and my husband so much that I felt we were a part of his family. Then fame hit and it was all over...

It broke my heart to the point that I didn't know if I was coming or going..Church is a place for the shepard of his flock to lead them into the word and minister to them. It is not for fame and fortune and "look at me"..I know this first hand! It is okay that you left, you are only human. I lost a lot of friends because of many breakups. The second time, the pastor was my dads asst pastor in the 70's. It was like loosing my Dad all over.

I had to leave it in Gods hands and go somewhere where I would be ministered to in my heart as well as the pastor was reading the word and preaching from the word. Not politics, not false teachings..THE TRUTH!! Jesus is alive and it's okay that you go somewhere else. It's okay that your "friends" are not calling..just remember that you still love them and thats okay too!

I love you guys..I thank you for posting and reaching out to both of you read my blog and read how Jesus wants to bless you with everything out there. Remember Debrah he wants to enlarge your territory..your answer has just been told..he wants you somewhere else to enlarge your territory..Do it and you will see how much you will grow and look back and realize how it was all meant for the Glory of God!!
Praise His Name!

SweatPea said...

Donna, I did read your blog this morning and just forgot to comment with my focus on Debrah. I did print out 1 Chroon 4:10 and plan to commit it to memory.

Debrah, Donna is right maybe God is wanting to enlarge your territory. Maybe God allow this division in your previous church so you'd step out of your comfort zone, go to another church, and be a huge ministry there...maybe he also wants other to minister to you to expand your views of whatever, of anything He has planned.

I know of a dear friend who used to be married to the pastor of my previous church. The man is no longer pastor there and maybe no where and the woman is no longer married to him. Long story short, being a pastor's wife and being done "dirty" by the church congregation, this lady has now been turned off by church and I believe she has hardened her heart toward God because she blames God for what the church did. For at least oh, five years or so, she's not been in church. I think it was actually seven years ago that this division happened. She's attended my new church secretly twice but she basically appears to have nothing to do with God and definitely nothing to do with His "judgemental" people.

I tell you all this because these things do happen. I want you to be encouraged that this will draw you even closer to God and a deeper relationship. Protect yourself and guard your heart from the enemy and even the Christian he may use to do his dirty work. Do not blame God; at all costs protect yourself from that and prevent any barrier coming between you and Christ. He may be allowing this but He is not the author of this discord, disfunction, and divsion. He calls His people to unity not division.

Be strong in the Lord, my friend.

Donna, thanks for your words and sharing. I too love to share, encourage, and walk with other women and this is just so wonderful.

I truly hope Rachel continues with another study or provides some sort of open forum for us all to communicate.

I see more and more women creating their own blogs and it would be so nice to also have one central place to post messages and then we could direct people additionally to a specific blog.

JnL4God said...

I am so happy you have grown so much and have been such an encourager to other women. I know it is so important for our own peach and joy to help others.
Be Blessed.

debrah said...

Thank you all for prayers...I did go to the small group this evening...all I can say is that God's Word spoke!!
In January The leader set up the order of the books of the bible that we would study.
What we studied tonight addressed the issues we are facing right now...
We didn't have to say a thing God's word said it all.
I am still praying for the Lord to show us how to work through this.
This evening encouraged us.

desert_rose said...

Donna-I just found your blog site.. It is great. So encouraging, thank you. I am working with the Lord, really close lately.. I went through some very hard times with a relationship, that was from the Lord, but I screwed up.....(I am a widow, and haven't dated for 9 years.) Anyways through the pain, God draws his children closer to him.....That is a great lesson learned. Now I can not wait to wake up mornings, to read my bible, read my devotions, Rachel blog, and just be surrounded by praise music.... God is so good... And when you let him, he becomes so ALIVE, in your life.. I would not give up my relationship with Jesus for anything... Anyway have a great weekend and be encourged..... It is way to cool finding other women walking closely with the lord...God bless kathy

fivedesigns said...

God Bless you Kathy!

You are a woman after my heart!! I felt like I screwed up so badly after my first marriage..then after he left I just looked towards Him daily and I had a miracle after miracle..I found a great guy in '93, miracle after miracle and then I lost my way.

Ladies I want all of you to read this..I lost my way..I did a terrible thing to my husband and my eyes wandered..I don't think I felt forgiven or forgave myself for years. I really and honestly think I thought God abandoned me so why bother. In the meantime the Father was trying to show my so many ways of His forgiveness for me and believe me I am going to write my prophetic word said over me one day...It never ended God was trying to show me..We moved to GA, I loved it, I hated it..I thought God abandoned me..and then out of the blue..Jesus didn't come around I DID!! I came back in such a way that I can't explain. Right now the Lord is showing me mercy and grace. I read daily, worship, ward the enemy off with speaking of tongues, because he is so stupid he can't interpret it, we have never been able to meet or exceed our bills and now we can. It is like..once you let go and let God, he works in such miraculous ways!! I love Him, I only listen to worship songs in the car so I can worship and look funny :) and I witness more than I ever have. I have words for everyone and I have encouraged women from every stage in their lives..and it's not me, it's only the Father.

I am going to post something short and sweet but I want all of you to read it and mediate on it greatly. I Love You guys and keep on posting..without you I can't reach others!
Praise God!

riverview said...

Hi Ladies,
I made my way over from Rachel's blog and am so glad that I am alert enough to spend a little quality time with you. Usually, by the time I finish at Rachel's I am too tired to be of much good to myself or anyone else!

Debrah, I am so glad that your prayers are being answered and that God's Word spoke to you at your group the other evening. I am sure that the breakup with your former church was HIS doing and that HE has something much bigger and better in store for you. Just stay true to HIS Word and your bonds will grow stronger with every passing day.

Sweetpea ~ you are always such a delight. I know exactly what you mean by worship fulfillment and also your reference to "getting fed", if you will. I moved to a new area and I have had a great amount of difficulty finding a church that does those exact things for me. My former Pastor was such a great teacher. When you left one of his services you couldn't wait to come back for more feeding of the Word. I wanted to have church services every day! The worship was incredible and left you so exhilerated that you felt like no enemy could ever come against you. Now, I almost wish that it hadn't been so wonderful, it is too hard to find another church that can complete me as that church did. However, I do know that it is out there, I just haven't come across it yet!
Looks like you have found yours though, and that is fantastic. Praise the Lord!

Donna, you are just full of surprises with your stories. There are a lot of wagging tongues in church congregations. Too many people just go to church to be seen and have no conception of the true teachings of our Precious Lord. We, as good Christians and true believers, have to recognize and rise above the pettiness which envelopes us in these surroundings and walk the walk. Imitation is the best form of flattery, and what better way to represent our Lord, if not to emulate HIM? Just as was pointed out in Jean's post on Rachel's blog re the "Refiner's Fire", the sliversmith looks for his image in the silver and when he sees it he knows that it is finished. Just as the Lord looks for HIS image in us, no greater gift can we give HIM.

Several churches have faced corruption and dissension among its people. This just goes to show us that the one truth we can believe and trust it
is the Word of our God. HE will always be there for us, he will not gossip about us, stab us in the back, steal our money, or lead us astray. We just have to stay focused on HIM and not falter, stay on the narrow road and not venture onto the wide road of temptation and sin. Everything that we need is in HIM. Churches serve as meeting places and buildings of worship and fellowship, a place of learning and sharing. If that then ceases, then we must move on and go elsewhere. Perhaps it is even God's way of having you start your own ministry!

Donna, I am so glad that you told us about your blog. I am going to strive to say the Prayer of Jabez everyday.

Oh, and Donna, why don't you put a picture of you in your pink Easter outfit on Rachel's blog? It is stunning and looks just lovely on you. I didn't know that the gals in the south still wore gloves. I'm from back east but left many years ago. On the east coast a lady was always a "lady". I miss that!

Ladies, thank you all. I think that we can learn a lot from each other and am looking forward to getting to know all of you better.

Blessings everyone,



fivedesigns said...


What I lovely posting you wrote for everyone!! I hope you stop by again to read everything..Make sure you:
Ask God to bless you daily and bless you a lot..that is what he wants to do..bless us daily!

I agree with you on what you said about churches and thats why I love my church, Dr. Stanley's in Atlanta..I got a chuckle when you said "you didn't know woman in the south still wore gloves.." I'm not from the South! I've lived here for 2 1/2 years..I've always had fashions that resemble the 50's so I just love wearing gloves. You can hardly see a woman wearing hats here like they probably used to..I was the only one on Easter Sunday who looked like I was from another era!! But I loved your compliment about the dress..I just may show it on Rachel's blog..maybe. Keep have a lot of wonderful things to say..
Love Donna

fivedesigns said...


p.s. I'm from New York/New Jersey


riverview said...


LOL back attcha, I'm originally from Buffalo, NY!! LOL