Friday, March 28, 2008

Rest for us stressed woman!!

I have been reading all of the posts on here as well as on Rachel O's. I remember when I started this I wanted to include a lot of other different things dealing with crafting, sewing, women, family, etc. I just feel right now a lot of woman are hurting and they are dealing with strength for themselves and husbands or trusting for God in all areas..whether medical or I just had to give a word or two for someone (or many :)

How many of us ask our family for things for Mothers Day. If we're young and have babies, we ask for "A good night's sleep" right? Hebrews 4:9-11 puts before us that promise of an elusive treasure so many stressed women, mothers or not, just dream about--rest. This passage speaks about rest in a different way, not necessarily physical. Previous verses in the 4th Chapter of Hebrews refers to Gods anger against Israel because they refused, because of their unbelief, to enter and possess the land God had promised them. So God declared they would not enter the rest He had prepared.

Today, because of the Lords provision for us, we've the opportunity to enter into His rest--a place of complete and utter dependence on Him. The problem is we try managing life's responsibilities and pressures on our own, rather than receiving that place of rest available to us by His grace.

Have you ever climbed a hill and wanted to find a place of solitude for yourself, to sit with the Lord and just absorb His grace? I remember at womans retreats we always did that just to find that solitude. When you find that place look around and compare the majesty of God's creation that surrounds you, maybe your problem doesn't seem so enormous after all. I've done it and believe me in everything that has been attacking me in the last couple of weeks I truly know, God is bigger than anything I have. When I prayed, the Holy Spirit reminds me of the Lords words: "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you yoke is easy and My burden is light" Matt. 11:28 and 30.

Sometimes our burden that we carry is of our own making and sometimes it's so hard to let go that God is the only one we can turn to. Repent of your lack of trust in His promises. Leave your burden in the woods where you prayed or in your "prayer closet". Wherever you do leave it, don't carry it back. Turn your back on it and energize yourself with new faith. A great sense of rest and tranquility will come to your spirit. I urge you to put away the weight of all these tasks you are trying to fulfill in your own strength. I know you have responsibilities..whether it's your children or husband..or job..I know, because I too have them. But putting your trust in God and receiving His strength for the doing of those things will give you a great sense of rest. This is HIS WILL for you today! Amen


Rena C said...

Thanks Donna.

You are so right. As women we try to handle everything ourselves instead of giving it to God.

The small burden that I have I will hand over to him.

My the way, you looked marvelous on Easter. Pink is a good color for you.

I pray that God will continue to use you in fulfilling his purpose.

Rena in Texas

fivedesigns said...

Dear Rena

Thank you for sharing that with me. Ya know when something is eating you and you have to share? Well I just feel there are so many of us that are so stressed, including myself, that just need to know God is waiting to bear it all..just for you!! I am always amazed at how much the Father does bear for us. He beared all our sins on the cross..the least we can do is give Him our small issues in life..even if we feel that they are larger than life..they're not..I've learned the hard way. I pray the Lord will continue to use me as well as keeping us all sharing with one another.

God Bless and please keep posting
Thanks for the compliment on my dress :)

fullofgrace92 said...


Always nice to be reminded of the promises of God. I really liked the idea of getting alone with God overlooking His works of nature...and leaving my burdens there.

I think I'll do that. Its not like I have to go to work : )

Keri in Missouri

JnL4God said...

Nice message that you wrote. You have reached out to so many. Have a wonderful restfull weekend. My prayers are with you.

Plant Lady said...

I hope you have a very nice and restful weekend!

Be Encouraged!
Plant Lady