Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tips for great sewing..

I wasn't sure how to title this. I love to sew. I mean I am obsessed, and as soon as I figure how to complete this blog I will show you my patterns. I have a list of movies and I forgot to write "Far from Heaven". Okay, so it's not much of a movie but I love the styles of the 50's clothing and era. I love the way the 50's were so crisp with everything worn. The gloves with every jacket and skirt. The cocktail parties that everyone went to. The table settings, flatware, etc. The hat's that you cannot find now unless you go onto Ebay, and then you have to outbid everyone.

So, I started becoming intrigued when I "surfed" on Ebay and just could not resist the patterns from that era. Anyway, so I started collecting all patterns back in '02 on Ebay, when it wasn't so over rated. I got patterns for a song and dance.! I made a lot of items because I also bought the material on Ebay. Which I knew what would look great with the patterns. I would sew nightly, sometimes till 3 am and would wear whatever I made the next day.

Everyone needs a hobby or at least an escape. A love for writing, knitting (I also love to do), turning nothing into something..I have always loved to create. I remember in 5th grade when a substitute teacher was showing the class how to create a project for our Moms. Well I came in late for some reason, they were probably on step 3, I completely bypassed step 1 thru 3 and did the whole project by myself. I love that part in me. I hate the part in me that hasn't made a real living out of it. I became an Interior Designer and I worked hard at it, my problems seem to be that I get bored at jobs and either quit or move onto something else. I went to art school and I wanted to make a living doing it. I actually wanted to try out for Project Runway. I'm afraid of failing and thats why I quit. The funny thing is I didn't fail at my Interior Design job, I did great. I just wanted my business and that didn't happen so I went on to other things. It's a process and I work on it by doing things on the side.

My whole reason for this was a tip wasn't it... I guess if you want to sew or do any designing what so ever, please do something out of the usual. Bid on Ebay for something you wouldn't do before. Find the material you see on an old Bette David movie. You will find it and if you want that fabulous outfit for that fabulous cocktail party..give it to me and I will make you the hottest outfit you've ever worn..See you tomorrow

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SweatPea said...

Hey Donna, I had a few minutes to kill and was cruizing some blogs of Rachel's women. I'm not a sewer but admire anyone with that ability.

Come visit my site sometime.