Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sewing for Easter!!

Hey everyone..I found a great slideshow of pictures, CRAFTS, the one thing I love to do! I also finally got comments from Dana..thanks Dana, at least I know someone is looking. I know you also have a post, just keeping working on it and it will get around just like Rachels did, I mean look at all of us, we're all posting to it and she must have over 500 comments on the Bible Study!

Hope you can all see this font color..anyway. This is the color of my dress that I'm making and this is the color of the accent color for the lapels and cuffs. I am actually going to try and find the pattern and put it on my site so everyone can see it. It is probably circa 1957, Butterick #6725, and at that time it only cost .50 cents! Can you believe how much patterns cost these days! Some like Vogue can actually cost over $25 and for what, paper! It's so fragile it usually ripes anyway. Well I am wearing this gorgeous dress with the jacket, a fabric colored belt, and wearing gloves also. White of course. Unfortunately Easter here in Atlanta, may be raining, but I will wear the colors with ultimate pride because there is nothing better than wearing something you made yourself. Remember that when you say you can't find anything to wear. Make it yourself. When I put this online as a photo the pattern and the material were all purchased on Ebay. I love shopping on Ebay for patterns and material, fun, fun!! Okay I gotta finish this thing. I'll post tonight hopefully with the dress completed to show you all.
God Bless you all,

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