Friday, March 21, 2008


Can you believe that spring is here and Easter is in 2 days!! I am so excited and not for candy or hats or eggs or leg of lamb....I am excited because Jesus rose for our sins and that is why we have Easter!! What is a better holiday than Easter? None as far as I'm concerned...we celebrate Christmas for the day Jesus was born but what is far more exciting for a christian than Easter Sunday! The day Jesus rose again! This is the most glorious day ever and I can't wait for sunrise to worship the Lord +

Okay now as far as the dress...I am ashamed that I am finished it but I am having problems with the jacket.. so I found another skirt and jacket that I started last year in pink, circa 1959, and we will be wearing this. Mind you it is pretty close to the pattern but the material that I started with this pattern, is falling apart and I just don't have the time or money to buy different material and start again. I tried the dress on last night and without the jacket it just isn't the same. This jacket and skirt is a hotter pink but really nice. Of course the waist is really snug..I must of gained about 1 inch to my waist in a year or 2. Isn't it amazing how we don't see the pounds sneaking up on us :)

I promise to take a picture of it on me and a picture of the other unfinished dress so you can all see it. I did take a picture of them without me in the picture so I will show you those tomorrow. Thank you all for posting comments, I love them all, please continue.

Until tomorrow..tonight has been kept a night!


Beverly said...

I saw you on Rachel Olsen's Bible study and decided to leave a comment. Hope your Easter was wonderful.

fivedesigns said...

Hi Beverly

I'm so glad that I am reaching so many woman through the Bible Study. I hope you leave comments daily, so that we can pray for one another. Read my latest post, God is wonderful
God Bless