Thursday, March 13, 2008

My first entry..its about me..

Hi to all...strange to all of you that are blog savvy! I am not but want to be. I do write posts for other blogs but I figured out tonight that it's about time I write about what I love, have done, am doing and what I'm gonna do. Does that make sense? Anyway, my name is Donna McGuinness. I am married to a wonderful man that is disabled right now. How? Well lets say don't have back surgeries they don't always work. I have 5 beautiful children. Sean is 24, and he'll be 25 in June. Ashley is 23, just turned it. Katherine is 20 and, gosh will be 21 in June! Then I have a set of girl twins, Casey and Courtney, 14. They keep me running now more than they did when they were young! I miss the older kids not living at home. They were my "helpers", the times I needed to escape I would and they were there to watch and play with the seems so long ago.

I want to write daily so I don't want to write everything in the first entry...but I am a survivor, an artist, a confident, I love the Lord and I hope to meet a lot of people through this. I want friends, and ones that will listen and talk too.

Also I am a crazed crafter, sewer, knitter and all over..ya know start a project and never finish? I may from time to time put projects on line as well as vintage patterns. You name it I may have it to sell or share. So let me know.
God Bless, until tomorrow..because "tomorrow is another day"


Anonymous said...

Hi! Read your post on Rachel's bible study. Isn't the study on women of the Bible awesome? I really needed this sooo badly.
The study led me to create my first blog too. You are so creative and energetic. I always wanted to be an interior designer but those dreams got blown out of the water over 30 years ago. Anyway I just wanted to leave you a comment. I've been checking mine everyday and I haven't gotten any yet (sad,sad). Praying God will bless all you do.


Dana said...


It's me again. I'm trying to get my name to appear so you can link up to my blog ( or however the blog lingo goes) I'm going to try again. By the way love the last line of your first post. Is that from Gone With the Wind? Love that movie.


fivedesigns said...

Hey Dana
Hope you see this..thanks so much for writing, I love the post also. Yes, tomorrow is another day is from Gone with the wind. I would go to your post but I don't know what it is. I'll tell you how to set this all up. You just go online. When you sign on to your blog, just start setting your page up with the edit button. You can add your picture all thru editing. Let me know if you see this and I will send you exact things when you tell me what you need. Thanks for writing and I will go to yours also!!
God Bless Dana, and keep writing onto yours also because someone will write.

debrah said...

Just wanted to say Hi! Love your energy. Before I gained 80lbs I would have loved to wear the dress you are creating. Fashion is such a great way to express yourself.
I am also new to blogging...I think it will take me some time to really get into it. Be Blessed