Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its right here!

As usual I write before I think..the pattern is right here, not at the bottom :)


Plant Lady said...

I love the dress! You should really have an "Easter bonnet", too! My mother had some of the most wonderful hats from the 40's and 50's. I wish I had taken better care of them. As I grow older, I am learning to have a greater appreciation for things.

I share your interest for crafts, although I don't sew very well. I enjoy gardening (herbs and vegetables) and also growing gourds to paint and use as birdhouses.

I like your blog! To be new at it, you really learn fast. I haven't even started yet!

I too, am a participant in the Bible study blog with Rachel Olsen. I am enjoying it.

God Bless,
Plant Lady

fivedesigns said...

Thank you so much Plant Lady! I too used to have a wonderful garden but I moved to Atlanta and living in an apt. doesn't help. I may just find that bonnet too! I hope to talk again real soon.
God Bless

kim said...

Hello Donna,
I got to your blog from Rachel Olsen's blog--isn't it fun learning about the women in God's word??

I was curious about your sewing project. What a "classy" looking dress. Can't wait to see the finished product! I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking & most other crafts but have trouble finding the time. I am married with 3 teenage sons and work part time cleaning houses. It seems that "life" has taken over all of my time and I haven't had much time for creativity lately. May be YOU will insprire ME!

Have a good day and have a blessed Easter! HE IS RISEN!!!!

fivedesigns said...

Thank you Kim for that great boost of confidence! I asked the Lord to direct my paths and allow this blog to reach woman. I am so glad this has already. In my past I have been feeling like I never belonged but now I feel like God is going to give me that special gift I've always wanted. I hope we can inspire each other!
God Bless and I can't wait for Easter, the happiest day of the year!
Praise God!

SweatPea said...

Hey Donna.
Thanks for the invite to your blogspot. I so appreciate your words of empathy and encouragement.

I would so appreciate your prayers for me. It is my deepest heart's desire for my Christian husband (ex) to realize the error of his ways and turn from this course. A dear friend of mine says that Chris is a train wreck to happen because of his disobedience to the Lord by unbiblically divorcing me with NO willingness to even try to work it out. You see he professes that God told him the covenant was broken and therefore he followed through (quickly) with divorce. The covenant was not infidelity. We are soul mates, two peas in a pod, puzzle pieces, cream and sugar, salt and pepper. That's how we saw's what he professed the three years together. However, baggage from past and current seeped into our lives and damaged our spiritual, emotional lives and marriage. He sees it as forever gone but I see it as reconcilable with the Lord.

I am praying for the Lord to do a miraculous work. I reflect on the story of Lazarus...Mary and Martha questioned Jesus as to why He didn't come earlier because if He had He could've healed Lazarus. Jesus didn't want to heal a sick man but rather He desired to raise a dead man. So, you see, I feel like that...I'm believing the Lord to raise a dead marriage. Chris says that he doesn't love me anymore, doesn't miss, doesn't need me. He has joy and purpose and reason for living is back now that he's "free of me". That in and of itself is not biblical because I am not the provider of his peace, joy, and happiness but rather Christ is and we are to have that no matter how unhappily married. It's almost like he saw it as my fault and our marriage was the reason he didn't have it but with it/me gone, it's returned. That's not how our Lord works.

As far as not loving me...I was so surprised that he saw love as an emotion. He obviously doesn't see that love is an act the love and the feelings follow. You wouldn't believe how many books, articles I've read on that very thing. Focus on the Family just had a clip on Choosing and determining to love...that if we've fallen out of love with our spouse that we have to choose to fall back into love. That it was a choice when we first fell in love and therefore it was a choice to fall out. We merely need to make the effort to rekind those "feelings".

He's 43 and I'm 34. He's a long-time Christian, what I felt was a very strong Christian but I may have judged the strength incorrectly as he has allowed Satan's attacks on him, me, and us to overpower His strength and faith in God. Why didn't his faith in God give him the power to heal our marriage...why didn't he look to the Lord for the strength for it is God's strength and not ours that would enable restoration. Instead, he gave in so quickly. He is a man of many trials and many hardships in his life (death of two bros, death of step dad, failed marriage of 16 yrs, ex cheated, lost child in custody battle). I feel his past pain and baggage have seeped out and it influence his decision. He made the comment that he is "42 and cannot endure any more trials." (Well, that's not a statement any Christian should make b/c our loving Father just very well will provide them toshow you can endure...I'm praying that happens to Chris so he'll see.)

You see, I feel that he finally found happiness with me after years of pain and then I disappointed him by falling short. I fully admit my wrongs and the errors of my ways. I allowed the stress of many things to influence me, combined with a weakening spiritual walk, I wallered in the sin of my tongue and disrespect toward this man. I had NO idea about submission. This was our second marriage and we never had counseling or premarital counseling.

I suspect I've rambled long enough. I know the good Lord will take care of me and provide no matter the outcome (Rom 8:28, Jer 29:11) but how glorious it would be for Him to heal this marriage the He DID DIVINELY join together. It was/is so evident to all that we were made for each other. I have to believe God's allowing this and the divorce/separation so that He can come forth with a glorious miracle of reconciliation and all will KNOW that it is He. How wonderful to have a restored marriage and then be able to testify and witness to other marriages. The Christian marriage is so preciuos and it is under such attack from Satan. I believe it is Satan's primary target!!

Also, I do know that God is using this trial to vastly open my eyes. He has drawn me ever so close to Him. My relationship with Him has improved 100-fold and I see that I will NEVER let go of Him again as I did slowly in my marriage. I know this was part of His plan. So, it is my prayer that when He begins to get Chris where He needs/wants him in his spiritual walk, that He can then rejoin us and we'd be such a powerful couple for HIM.

I'd appreciate your prayers, any encouragement, words of wisdom, words of hope. Many or rather most all of my friends just want to see me move past this accept it may or may not happen. Well, I feel like the woman who bled for 12 years..."if only I touch His garment." Jesus healed her by HER FAITH ALONE. I want to be able to say I believe Jesus You will heal this marriage because it was a vow to You and created by You. (As a friend pointed out, he didn't just make a vow to me but to God Almighty...and his reason for breaking that was not in infidelity or physical danger.)

I want the opportunity to be the godly wife I NOW see God calls of me to this man that HE gave me. Yes, I've gone on with my life...I'm active in church, two bible groups, the online one, exercise, spend time with friends, family, neices, reading His Word, reading books about God and His Word. I am going on in every aspect except I cannot tell my heart to not feel pain and hurt and abandonment, nor can I not love him. This is truly WORSE than death because he up and left one day without notice and really didn't consider a second look. This IS my soul mate, my true love, the one designed for me. Chris would say the SAME thing to me, in his right mind. I have his written word of profession of dying love, over and over. No one was there to FEEL the love I so felt from him; it was true and so strong. Hw spoke it and wrote it to me all the time. Satan has grabbed a hold of him and blinded him so desperately. Chris is a good Christian man. I believe because of his past trials and deep heartaches he is a prime candidate to do marvelous works for Christ. That is why Satan has attacked him. Years ago, 20+ he didn't listen to God's call to ministry. This man could be a minister (no education in that area) but I could seriously see him doing it.

I promise I'll close now.

fivedesigns said...

Thank you so much for commenting. I truly feel your pain in your post..I know exactly what you are going through, believe me. In 1987 I was 26 going on 27 with a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old and 8 months pregnant. My husband went to prison May 1987 for something that he committed in Oct of '86.

I knew he may be facing some time but I never really felt the Lord would allow him to go away for a sentence of 5 years. I was devastated, to say the least. Where would I go? What would I do? I was about to give birth to our 3rd child? What I didn't know at the time was that the Lord had it all planned when he committed this crime. He knew that he did an offense and had to pay and through this tramatic period I was the one that was going to grow.

Amazing, because at the time I didn't know or even think how I would ever grow. When I look back and give my testimony to other women it's clear how it was all used for MY benefit. Do you see how I used caps for MY. This divorce that you are going through it terrible and hurts like crazy, I know. We ask God how could you allow this to happen? It is all preordained. You can no longer change Chris than you can control the future when you follow Christ. We want everything to go according to Gods word and when it doesn't, from everything you've seen me write about, we try and open everything we get our hands on. Our marriage, our kids future, our jobs, our finances, etc. We even batter with God and "tell" Him that it's not supposed to go that way. I know because I did it all the time.

Listen, He is in control, you are a CHILD of the King, YOU can do all things through Christ that strengthens YOU, YOU have died and your LIFE is hidden with Christ in GOD, YOU have been chosen by God. We have to say these scriptures over and over in our head because if we don't the enemy will put lies in your head and you know it. Chris probably did have a future in ministry, my Dad is a minister and my parents got divorced when I was 18. He wasn't just an average "joe minister", he was a big evangelist in the U.S. and when he divorced it was scandal. So you know I feel your pain. If we didn't go through all of this we wouldn't be able to minister to one another.

You cannot control your husband whether the divorce was based on infidelity or not. The one you need to look to..and I mean really look to as your "daddy", your "husband", your "provider" is the Lord. Let the Lord take care of Chris. Jesus knows your heart, He knows that Chris is your soul mate and you have to let Him take care of it.

My divorce was done after he was in prison. He didn't change and I could no longer deal with someone who came out and told me that he would no longer abuse me nor drink. I didn't trust him and I had grown into a single mom who knew what it was like to live for Christ. Do you see where I am going with this? I would never belittle your situation because I feel so much for you, but just really give it over. It will be hard and you'll want to take it back, but just open your Bible, ask the Father where to go and believe me if you are able to give Chris over, He will give you direction.

Please feel free to write again. I know God allowed me to make this site for several reasons and this is one of them. God Bless Paula and if I don't write to you this weekend have a Blessed Easter for the risen Savior!

Anonymous said...

That dress is fabulous!! I can't wait for a picture of the real thing. You certainly have a passion for your sewing. I do agree with plant lady you definately need a hat. I am expecting a new grandchild in Oct. I have 3 sons and 2 grandsons I'm really hoping for a girl. We will find out soon. If it is a girl I will need some sewing tips because I think it would be pretty easy to sew little girls clothes. I've tried to sew clothes before without much success. My poor Grandmother tried so hard to teach me. But I have trouble with mechanical things (even the vacume cleaner is hard for me ) ha! When Grandma died she left me her machine in her will no less. Think she was trying to tell me not to give up? She made me dresses to wear to school and my homecoming dress and all my maternity tops. Forget Martha Stewart, my Grandma invented good things.
You really gave Sweatpea good advice. I'll be praying for her. Please pray for my son Eric to be delivered from his addiction to alcohol.
I know you are going to have a great Easter wearing that simply DELIGHTFUL dress.

In Christ our Risen Savior,

Sara said...

HI -
Found you through Rachel's blog - always fun to see what other folks are up to! Click on my profile to check out my blogs - I've turned crafting into my career: it's fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello Donna, came across your blog
thru' Rachel Olsen's bible study.

I am not into dress-making but I love creativity in its entirety. Nice dress you got there! Nice blog too!! May God continue to
direct and inspire you.

I am 47, from Nigeria in West Africa. Married with 3 children (2 boys aged 17 and 15; and a 10 yr old girl). I was a banker for over 25 years. Thereafter, I left my plush job and went to do what I always desired - to become an
education practitioner. I now own
and run a creche/preschool/elementary school,
which is in its 5th year. I love
children, music, reading and
meeting people.

To Paula. I feel for you. God has a reason for allowing this happen to you. You are on the right track. Just hold on tight to Him and he will neither forsake you nor leave you. He will work things
out for your good in His own time.


Plant Lady said...


I have finally finished my blog site. It took me a long time...until my husband came to help me. He is so wonderful.

Please come over and check it out!
Everyone's welcome! This is so much fun!

Happy Easter!
Plant Lady

P.S. I am waiting to see that dress!

Josie said...

Hi Donna,
I Love the Dress too! I enjoy sewing, I did alot when my children were growing up and now I have 7 beautiful granddaughters to sew for...what a joy. I also crochet, scrapebook, cook and really enjoy being outdoors in the yard planting beautiful things to share with others. Can't wait to see the finished dress, you definitely need a hat.

To Paula, I pray God will surround you with His everlasting arms and give you peace, and will show you His Grace is sufficient for YOU!

Happy Easter, Josie OH

Plant Lady said...
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Plant Lady said...
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