Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 4th with fabric!

July 4th fabric & vintage looks

I wanted to type a quick post on July 4th. There are so many things out there displaying the hoilday. The tacky looks, the flags hanging from the homes, the quilts that cover our beds and all the crazy items we carry to the picnics.

I wasn't sure how to approach this post since I hate wearing a "Martha Washington" costume or looking like my house is draped in massive amounts of crazy red, white and blue! So I found what I think are classic looks from the American past, and what I believe inspires us.

This is a stunning example of workmanship. I actually was surfing online and found this under July 4th, I have no history on it, yet I do know it is probably authentic and was probably pieced together in the late 1800's. Many items were done back then with fabric pieced so carefully to survive hundreds of years later. I just was very inspired by it. The piece screams patriotism!

I then went and found various ways to use fabric in a patriotic way, not necessarily displaying the "screaming at you July 4th", but in a way that you can tell, very patriotic.1204359934178080_1
So I may not have found the perfect July 4th look to wear and I have never made that perfect inspirational outfit either, but I did find items that inspire me. They will always be "Fashion News" in their own way. I'm sure if the pioneers ever saw our posts they would say, "Every item in our closet and on our beds are refashioned, we take fabric from everywhere and make treasures".

So Happy 4th of July for all of us whether we are Americans, Brits, from New Zealand, or Australia. We are all free and that is what the hoilday means. Have a wonderful day refashioning every look you see!

I also wanted all of us to remember that God is in complete control of our country and in these times of economic difficulties, HE IS IN CONTROL!!! It's been hard for me since I lost my job but I also have to believe the job Jesus wants me to have is there! So God Bless America and we need to continue to pray for this country!
Love Donna

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