Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art in Quilting! A great way to make a treasure..

I have been quilting for a long time and I know its ART!! It doesn't have to be a landscape, a portrait, etc. If you design in art or in sewing, you are an artist. So I am listing a pattern for a Star Quilt..a perfect beginner quilting pattern..say that 3 times!!

Okay, when someone looks at a quilting pattern they usually say, "I CAN'T DO THAT!!" First you need to say, "Yes I can.." This pattern was done by me when I raised my youngest, a set of twins, back in '93 thru '97. I was an avid quilter. I would quilt from morning until night, well at least when the twins were asleep. I sold them and believe me, I never received enough for them.

For this quilt I made it as a crib blanket and I made a baby pillow. I am giving you a brief pattern so you can get a taste of what you need and then open the file for the rest.

You literally cut pieces of material from other pieces of material either used in a quilt or from sewing a dress, baby clothing, etc. I just thought this was great because it is perfect for July 4th..
To assemble it you will use a combination of half-square triangle unit squares & pieced sashing. Easy, easy! You'll need for the Large Star tips, 9 dark fabrics 3 x 9 each. For the small star tips, 16 dark 2 x 6. A light background of fabric 1 1/8 yd. For the dark sashing 3/8 yd. Red sashing 1/2 yd. You'll also need 2 2/3 yd of backing. A 48 x 48 piece of batting and 170" length of binding.

I'm going to layout the pattern in pictures and if you want a detailed pattern I am listing a file at the bottom of the page.This is another one of my eco-friendly ways of saving the world of discarded fabric!! Enjoy and don't be afraid of quilting anymore....

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