Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life can be so hard....

I am having such a hard time with my children, the twins, they are now 15 and I cannot control them whatsoever. It's amazing how these children were so easy until they started HS and then they turned. I wrote to many of you on your blogs and asked for prayer for them. My Dad offered to give us a house on his ranch in Bandera, TX. Free rent, free overhead, etc. He is doing this because he feels God has told him to offer us this due to my lack of no job, no money and Mike's social security. Well my kids are not cooperating and told me on no uncertain terms, "we are not going"! Hummm....now from my knowing the Bible it says in Ephes 5 says "children obey your parents" doesn't it? Also if they don't submit to us how are they ever going to submit to God now or in the future? How are they going to submit to their husbands in the future? I am in tears trying to make them understand that we are their parents, we make the decisions.

I have given this over to the Lord over and over. I have asked the Holy Spirit to intervene and when I do, it does calm down. I have told them that no decision has been made to move until we go there to see the ranch. I told them they are a part of the family but if we want this and you guys don't, we have to make the decision. I believe in kids having a say, but I don't believe that whatever they say is what will happen. My husband came over to me and hugged me and told me he didn't want me to cry. I said "I will only do what God wants us to do, not my will but His, if it's wrong, there will be obstacles in the way" He said he could see that, but he has spoiled them so bad...but the Bible has been my refuge and a lot of praying. My girls can make friends anywhere but if God wants us to do something, nothing will stop it from happening! I want to share with all of you what God gave me in my daily:
"Come to Me with open hands and an open heart, ready to receive my abundant blessings. ( which is hard for my husband to do) I know your neediness. Your life-path has been difficult (to say the least), draining you of strength. Come to me with nurture. Let me fill you with My Presence: I in you, and you in Me" Isaiah 40:29-31

Praise God! ...."He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power....Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weary." This is my prayer for my family and I ask that all of you keep me in your prayers for the battle that I am enduring right now with my girls and my husband. I so long for peace and I pray for that daily!

I love you all


Juliet said...

Hi Donna, I'm new here today, but saw you were having a battle by a comment you left on From The Heart's blog. I have three daughters, and can't really offer advice, as mine are younger than yours (12,13 & 14), but I do feel for you. This is indeed a difficult thing, and I can understand that the girls don't want to be uprooted from their friends. But are they aware of the financial pressures that are on you and your hubby? If not, maybe it would help to share this information with them?
It is said that the darkest hour comes just before the dawn. Who knows that this move may bring peace and refreshing for everyone- after the initial struggle! I hope so! Hugs, Juliet.

Debra said...

I also feel for you and your hard time-I have been praying. I'm so glad you are writing about this so we can help lift you up!
You and your husband are the bosses-NOT the kids. Your husband is the head under God. Children do not rule the family, they are part of it.You are very right about learning to submit now...May you have the peace that passes all understanding in the decision you will make.
Love, Debra

fivedesigns said...

Thank you ladies for writing those encouraging notes! It so helps when you do place prayers around and people see them so that they will pray! I take my walks each day in the woods and pray and pray and I feel like it is my temple! Sometimes not having a job is actually clue for that peace we need!

And Juliet yes my girls know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much financial issues we have...they are the babies and we have spoiled them, so when you expect them to listen they have the attitude "forget it"! Well Debra you are right children are a part of the family they don't RULE it! Thank you again... I feel better already.
Love Donna